Why growth is important

As humans everything around us grows and changes. When we are born, we solely depend on our parents – they bathe us, feed us, hush us, clothe us, clean us, you name it they do it all. As time goes on we learn and grow, which enables us to do things for ourselves. Our minds become sponges and we quickly adapt to anything and everything we see around us. We are highly influenced by people and things we see every day. But as we reach a certain age, a certain height, a certain shoe size a certain everything – many of us feel that we have stopped growing. I did!

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Not because I have been a shoe size 5 since I was in primary school, does not mean I have stopped growing. Once you understand that you will always grow in your life, whether you are a toddler, 20 years of age or in your 40’s, growth will always occur in your life. But, it all starts with our mindset. When we constantly analyse and learn from our experiences and other peoples experiences, we will grow into the best possible versions of ourselves.

Since becoming an adult, there was a part of me that saw just how stagnant people are. Its not like when we were children and we strive to do anything we think is possible. It becomes different once adulthood has occurred. Many of us prefer to stay in one place, our minds have become smaller, unimaginative. We stroll through life, continuing with our day to day routine and think we are grown. Yes, we are grown in age, but in mindset would that be the same.

We constantly need to grow our mindset and the way we think and do things. If we can do this people around us will see the physical glow and growth. One that you thought would never be imaginable after you reached the age of 21. It is natural for things around us to develop and change. Just like the season changes, the flowers outside blossom and the time goes forward, so do we. It is the most natural thing to do.

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When people say they will never change, or they will always remain the same as how they have always been – what does this really mean? Some people who say or think this, feel that changing is a bad thing. Changing is the best thing that you could possibly do for yourself. If I was the same person who I was last year, I will be worried. I say this because as years go by, I want to keep evolving into someone who I am proud of and who greatly inspires others around me. You should too…


tiff xoxo

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