Why following in our parents footsteps will only lead to failure…

When we are kids, we automatically follow the habits of our mum and dad, mainly because we are so used to them doing something a certain way and unconsciously pick up that same habit. Haven’t you ever said or done something and thought, “Oh God, I sound just like my mum”, while cringing and remembering the times when you vowed you would never do or say the same thing. Although it may be good to adapt some of the habits we have learnt from our parents, I also came to a conclusion that it may be even better to let go of some of those other habits.

As I grow older I am now considered a fully-grown adult (even though sometimes that depends on my mood and my bank account statement), but I’ve acknowledged that adult life does have its perks and obviously its disadvantages. However, one thing that I have learnt is that if I do want to be successful, I cannot follow the footsteps of my parents or other family members. I realised this very quickly once I knew what life I did want. I had to change my habits, my thinking, my actions and my parents had no idea what I was doing. Going to work to pay bills, to still be in debt, to go to work again and come home to have a cuppa or glass of wine and relax in front of the telly to catch up on their latest soap, to go to bed and repeat this all over again – to me was draining and not at all living. Some may argue that’s life, but I beg to differ.  As I entered the work environment, I noticed that it wasn’t just my parents or family that have this routine, but it is everyone, and those who didn’t follow with this routine were almost seen as weird.

For many of you reading this, you would agree with me when I say that our parents are not only there to love and protect us and give us money when our account has hit minus and make us dinner and lunch, ok maybe even breakfast. But, they are also there to guide us and to help us not make bad decisions in life. Yes, most of the guidance may be helpful and have saved us from doing a lot of crazy, stupid things, but other times no. As young adults, growing up in a society where we are constantly bombarded with people shouting at us telling us what we need to do next in life and what will be the best thing if we want to have a good life, it’s time we tell everyone to shhh…just for a minute while you figure things out on your own. It is important for you to think and to establish how exactly do you want to live your life and excel at making this a possibility. Of course, our parents and loved one will always be there to protect us from certain situations, but sometimes you need to question yourself and say “what do I think?”

Growing up, many kids often (and still do) here their mum and dad say that they are struggling even though they have worked a staggering 40 hours per week, or sometimes even more. This is what I never seemed to understand. We will all recreate another generation that do the same thing that our parents and their parents did. If we want to be truly successful at anything and I mean truly successful – we must follow that inner voice and passion within ourselves, instead of constantly following what our parents have been doing for the last 30 years of their life. Trust me, it is not a bad thing and never feel like you are letting down your parents by choosing not to be a shadow of someone else.

Be your own you and sometimes this means giving those the middle finger who keep telling you what you can’t do and what you should be doing. (OK obviously not the middle finger to mum or dad, I don’t want anyone’s parents hunting me down) – but you know what I mean. Our dreams and the things we envision the most will never be the same as our parents. They come from a different generation, some may have different thought processes like we do and other times you may feel that when you come up with a creative idea and share it with your parents they may talk us out from this, not because they don’t want us to achieve but because they think that it will protect us and that’s fine.

It’s time we think of that idea, that big dream and start acting upon it instead of following our parents.

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