TIME – why it is so important to live in the moment.

Since starting my blog, I have never realised just how much writing can be like a sense of therapy. Before, I used to feel certain feelings and instead of expressing them, I would hold it in and by doing this would honestly drive me crazy. This was because all I used to do was think all day long. But now, writing has become my outlet. Instead of thinking so much I write – whatever the circumstance.

Firstly, can you believe we are mid-February already? It is basically March, considering that Feb is such a short month and the days seem like they flash before our eyes and by the time we know it, we are all saying “Thank God it’s Friday” – all over again. But, why do we constantly want time to go so fast? When Monday comes, we can’t wait until Friday, when winter comes we can’t wait until summer, when summer comes we can’t wait until winter, when we are at school or at work, we cant wait to finish – until we realise that are whole lives are spent waiting for time to pass, that we forget to embrace the time we are currently in.

This was me! My life started to feel robust. I would say things I said the day before and the day before that – and this all consisted of me wanting time to go faster. I couldn’t stand being in the moment I was currently in because I was always waiting for something better to come. When you do this you never have time to enjoy your NOW because you are constantly complaining and waiting.

As I grew older it just seemed like the normal thing to do, but once I started this journey I have come to a realisation that this isn’t normal at all. As a society, we are never truly in the moment because unconsciously we all have this idea that the next moment we have will be better and more important than our present time situation. We end up missing and wasting our whole lives away and then upon reflection (once we have 4 kids, a husband and 101 bills to pay) we start wishing we would get those same moments back.

It is a process. For me, I feel like I need to have more fun. Sometimes I feel like I am so engrossed in work and other commitments that I forget to actually have fun, to let loose. To laugh! I caught myself a few days ago saying “Oh I just cannot wait until summer comes” because I have so much things planned to do in my head. But when I think about it now that shouldn’t be a reason to block my blessings and how I live my life in the present day.

I spend all my time from the morning to the night, working to get some goals ticked off my goals list each day and never have I once said remember to live for today. Before I go to bed I am thinking of what I need to do the next day, I imagine what I want my dream house to look like, what my future children will look like, what I am going to have for dinner the next day (even though I haven’t gone to sleep and woken up to have breakfast). Don’t ask, but food has always been a reoccurring thought of mine. I forget to reflect on my day I had, whether good or bad, as well as just laying in bed and fully being in the moment with time.

eau de parfum

We are either always pondering about the past or thinking about the future, but we never want to embrace were we currently are. We fail to realise that we will never get certain moments again and life should be about living NOW not wondering what we should have been doing yesterday or what we want to do tomorrow.

I have learnt that meditation is one thing that can get us in the moment and relax our minds. When we meditate we are fully in tune with our bodies and our thoughts instead of letting our thoughts run crazy and wishing it was tomorrow even though you haven’t even gone through half the day. My problem is that even though I know this, I meditate sporadically, which I know I need to change and start being consistent as it is something that really helps my mind and body.

Time is such an important aspect in our lives on a daily basis, however we choose to abuse it and not take the time out to really appreciate it. Instead we emphasise how much time is going fast or how slow it is going. Even though there may be so much going on in our lives and it can feel like we can just about keep up, we need to live for today and live in the moment. If not, we’ll be constantly worrying about yesterday and tomorrow, and trying to quickly get through the current day we’re living in.


tiff xoxo

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