Social Media – has it become an ADDICTION?

Its safe to say! We have all become a bunch of social media junkies. Some may say it’s a wonderful thing and what a time to be alive, but personally I think its an absolute nightmare. There is one thing using social media and technology to your advantage,  but there is another thing to be so obsessed that we find it hard to do the important things in life that is required of us.

Technology can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Some people profit off technology and social media like you would never think possible – without it they just simply cannot get payed. People get payed to post through sponsorship and advertisements, you name it. Social media has become a key tool for many businesses to not only interact with the world, but to promote their business. But where it gets tricky is when we allow technology to have some sort of power over us. Face it – that is why we always have so much to do after a full day because we always find some reason to unlock our phones and scroll through Instagram every 10 minutes. 

In Brian Tracy’s book Eat That Frog, he described technology as a ‘terrible master – going on to say that this “compulsion to stay plugged in leaves us all psychologically breathless”. Its absolutely true! The need to stay in tune with technology, especially social media is A FULL TIME JOB! It becomes draining, an addiction and when all control is lost it has negative impacts on important things in our lives, like the relationships we share with other people.                                                                   


For me, being a young person in this generation is tough! We all feel the need to fit in. We want to be in the loop, we have major FOMO, we can’t imagine what life would possibly be without our smartphones because they mean the absolute world to us. We wake up and the first thing we do once we open our eyes is check our phones. LET ME CLARIFY (this is before we have even got out of bed to brush our teeth and eat breakfast). The moment we hear a notification bell or sound that we have an incoming message we leap at our phones. It stimulates our curiosity, and, in an instant, we immediately forget what we was doing 2 seconds before that. That feeling we get when we hear our phones is nothing but pure magic. Like the sound of a playing slot machine that lures you in. Ill tell you exactly what that is – it’s an addiction!

Every special moment in our lives is taken away because in that moment we choose to take our phones out and view that moment from a Snapchat screen. We post a daily diary of our lives for people to see. Where we work, what we work as, who are friends are, what party we are going to on the weekend, how drunk we got. Honestly, the list goes on! We have become so excessive with likes and followers and continually scrolling up and down our phones that we sometimes forget about the important things happening in our lives.



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What are the next steps now:


I am going to challenge you and myself to a SOCIAL MEDIA CHALLENGE. I know what you’re all thinking, I was even questioning my own self in the process of writing this up. But I am so intrigued about what the effects will be after, I just had too!


This challenge will last for 7 days and after these 7 days are over, I want each of you to comment on this post and let me know exactly how it went.


                                       tiff xoxo


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