New Year, New You – (No I mean it this time!)

Every 1st of January most people around think it is okay to lie. The first day of the new year and you want to tell your family and close friends around you a cheeky lie. Every year we are bombarded with the same cheesy, repetitive phrases like:

“This year I’m going to the gym at least 3 times a week because I want to lose 20 pounds”

“I am going to be fit and healthy and drink my green smoothie every morning”
8“I’ have got this great business idea, I am going to start putting these ideas into action”

“I will quit smoking”

“I’m going to stop buying clothes online every week”

There’s just something about the month January. It represents the month of a new year, a new start and brand-new beginnings. That’s until February comes around and you do an online splurge on Pretty Little Thing because they had a 30% discount and the chocolates hubby got you for Valentine’s day made you put on an extra 5 pounds. And then you say you’ll start the goal again on Monday, but every Monday is the same thing until you naturally just forget and that’s your new year’s resolution out the window. Well done Hun!

Studies have shown that 95% of people who made a new year’s resolution didn’t follow through. Therefore, that is one of the reasons why many people may not even bother with setting new year’s resolutions anymore because of the fear of. Imagine, years after year you have set some goals for the new year and it has never worked out for you, so you save the disappointment and decide to not bother.


The real definition of a resolution is to have a strong determination to resolve something or a problem in your life. In society, we think of a resolution as merely a wish list – we want it but cannot be asked to make the real changes for this to happen. You may say “my new year’s resolution is…” because it sounds nice and everyone around you is saying the same thing, but you need to think of something that attracts and excites you so much that it has the power to pull you from your old habits. Another thing that is vital, it that you need a vision of what you want your new year to look like and why you want it to look that way. Once you have done this, it is the little steps you take that will enable you to follow through with your resolutions. Yes, like everything else you will be faced with challenges and setbacks, but when you have a strong enough reason as to why you want a goal, that will always push you to follow through. A want will never push you further enough, but once you find your why, this always will.

For me, progression is everything. Changes happen all around us – seasons change, relationships change, trends change, but one thing that will never change is progress. For this to happen, we as humans need to physically and mentally activate this change, if not we will find ourselves stuck in the same position for years and wonder where on earth the time went (as many people say). When in fact the real question you should be asking is where on earth did you go?

By visualising your goals daily and reviewing your progression monthly, you are always coming face to face with your goals. When you want to make a real resolution, you will always find a way, no matter what it takes. Something deep inside you needs to switch so your wishes only become your musts. Something to remember is people are always awarded in public for what they do in private, and one of the main things that contributed to this is the set of rituals they had and their habitual thinking.

So, as we are blessed to see another year, I hope that many of you reading this post will feel inspired to take your new year’s resolutions one step further by having a desire to follow through and to act upon it.  Now, the next time you say your new years resolution or repeat one of those “cheesy, repetitive phrases” that I mentioned above this post, just think to yourself, am I a liar? Create your vision, find your reason and resolve the problem.


Tiff xoxo


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