My Money Diary #1

Money! The thing we all like to talk about and think about the most. We get angry, excited and annoyed all at the same time because of it – like an overload of emotions. (No ladies I am not talking about hormones) But why do most of us feel this way over money?

We say we don’t care much about money, but the moment we don’t have any or enough should I say, we go into complete meltdown. The other night I was reading Kristabels blog and stumbled over her Money Diaries and felt so inspired to create my own money diary. When reading her money diary post it seemed like it was a way for her to really analyse her spending throughout the week – which most of don’t do.

We just splash the cash! Me especially when it comes to food. I absolutely loved Kristabels take on her own Money Diaries and it made me think “Tiffany…maybe this would be an exciting way to really examine your spending so you can consciously budget your weekly spend”. Thought over, here I am putting that into action.

This year I am on my own journey for financial saving and building, so I thought to myself what a great way to budget – see exactly what I’m spending my money on. Yes, yes…I know we have online banking to see how our money is spent, but who is like me and has mini heart palpitations anytime it’s time to look at your online bank statement, whilst having your balance stare you directly in the face giving you silent treatment.

So, here is my take on it.  (DISCLAIMER: It is about a week and a half late but – Here we go!)

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Bank Holiday Monday only means sleeeep! Yes, who’s like me and loves a good 3-day weekend (even though most of it is spent of the sofa doing a Netflix binge watch). Because I was going to a day party with a few friends I needed a nice cute top, even though I probably have 100s at home in my closet – girls, I know I am not the only one who does this. I decided to go to Primark and see what they had with a budget of £10…I mean this is do-able when you go to Primark right? Not in my case! I ended up spending £39 on a WHOLE OUTFIT. New top, cargo trousers, sandals and a bag. So that didn’t go as planned.

Not only that but I also spent £35 for someone to do my hair in braids to last for a week or so. After doing that I went to my local black hair shop to get hair oils and grease to keep my hair moisturised

Primark = £39.00

Hair = £35.00

Hair Products = £11.90



After the bank holiday weekend, it is now back to work. Grrrrr…first things first, I end up spending £2.05 on a Greggs chicken bake and jam doughnut. I usually bring lunch from home because it works out a lot cheaper for me, but that morning I literally had no time whatsoever. This meant that I had to buy lunch which ended up being so expensive. Altogether I spent £7.95 in The Co-op on lunch, including snacks too. FYI, I am a serial snacker! On my way back home, I popped into my local Tesco store to pick up some ingredients for dinner and spent £7.38. Well, it’s starting to all add up already.

Greggs = £2.05

The Co-Op = £7.95

Tesco = £7.38



I woke up and made sure I had lunch and enough food prepared for my day at work. This meant that I only spent 6.60 on the underground to and from work. Not bad eh? Well proud of myself!

TFL = £6.60




I was focused. I thought to myself I will have another good day like yesterday and just spend money on transport. It went so well; it really did and then I got home and realised there was nothing for dinner and was too lazy and too tired to cook. It went all down the drain and I ended up spending £14.56 at Pizza Hut for 2 medium pizzas and cookie dough. I’m not really a massive fan of pizza but it was so worth it. The cookie dough not as much – which was quite disappointing, especially because I’m a dessert fanatic.

TFL = £6.60

Pizza Hut = £14.56



Thank God it’s Friday! The week was starting to catch up with me and I was feeling absolutely exhausted. I spend my usual £6.60 on TFL which is no surprise when working in central London. But then the “deadly hour” as I like to call it, approaches – yes lunch time. I do have lunch, but for some reason STILL find myself in the local supermarket in the snack’s aisle. TYPICAL TIFFANY. I ended up spending £3.25 on a packet of cookies and chocolates. Hello spots! They have gladly made an appearance on my face which I am now living to regret.

Sainsburys = £3.25

TFL = £6.60



Every day I feel like I pay money for transport, whether it be petrol for my car or travelling into the city to work. So, on the weekends, I use my car and first thing I usually do is go to the petrol station to top up, before running any errands which comes to about £10 each week. This Saturday, I didn’t really do much except chill and catch up with some programmes that I haven’t been able to watch. In the evening, I went to watch a football match with one of my friends at a local bar and spent £4.20 for parking and £7 on 2 drinks. Oh, what fun it is to live in London. £7 for TWO SMALL drinks, I remember looking at the bartender confused as ever.

Petrol = £9.92

Ringo Parking = £4.20

Drinks at the Bar = £7.00



My Sunday was another chilled one and I vowed not to spend no more than £10 – especially after my recent snacks splurge and £7 for two small drinks, I thought today I would take it easy. I went to Tesco to get ingredients for good ole Sunday dinner and only spent £4.99. WOW, I was even amazed when I got to the till. To be honest I didn’t need much because I already had meat at home, I just had to get extra things to go with it. But I would usually pick things up I didn’t need and vow to myself that I deserve it just so I didn’t feel bad buying it.

Tesco = £4.99


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After totalling everything up, my weekly budget is *DRUMROLL PLEASE*


 What did I take from this?

I definitely spend most of my money on food and travel each week without even realising. I would say that this week was better than other weeks that I have had when I have splurged ridiculous amounts in Tesco with having gone into the store with only the intention of just picking up some bananas and a pack of kale. It happens to the best of us. I learnt that sometimes being disciplined with money will work out in your favour in the end. If I had been a bit more disciplined on my trip to Primark that lovely Bank Holiday Monday and budgeted how I wanted too, I would have ended up saving more and that money could have gone towards my travel for the week.

Nonetheless, I didn’t do too bad. I only bought lunch once and a takeaway once. However, it would’ve worked out cheaper if I had went to the supermarket and done a shop on based on what I was going to eat for lunch and dinner for that week, so I am organised and don’t fall into the trap of having to buy food.

Doing my first Money Diary was a great way for me to look at my spending over the course of the week, instead of hesitantly looking at my bank balance and wondering where on earth did all my money go.




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