It all starts with an IDEA!

An idea is all it starts with. Sarah Blakely had an idea to create something revolutionary for women. An undergarment that can give comfort whilst also making it look like you lost 10 pounds – this idea turned into the company we know called Spanx. Mark Zuckerberg had an idea to connect friends together through a social networking system and created what we know today as Facebook. Jack Ma had an idea to create an online marketplace for suppliers and buyers which is worth over $450 billion and is known as Alibaba. (2)
You get my drift. It all starts with an idea. This idea is then a goal, broken down into tiny pieces of little goals that will help you achieve that big goal. However, in order to achieve the little goals this is followed by action – and I mean constant action. With this follows determination and discipline. You will be tested constantly so learning how to remain focused and disciplined is extremely important. There will be sacrifices made. Late nights, early mornings, you’ll be tired, fed up, maybe broke. Is that something you want just for an idea you thought of whilst on the train going back home from work one evening?

When we first think of a brilliant idea we get all excited. We can’t wait to get home and do research about how we can put this idea into place. But the moment we see just how hard it may be to put this idea into a reality we become weary. The excitement starts to wear off and just like that this idea was nothing but a distant memory. We continue with our lives and do the same things we do day in day out. That’s easier. There’s no risk involved, there’s no extensive research that needs to be carried out. No funding that you need to raise. You just stick to the easier route. Big mistake!

Millions of us in the world today are constantly making these mistakes when it comes to their ideas and that “aha moment”. We go through life it will be so hard to carry out but end up regretting it years down the line.

Why keeping your idea to yourself at first may be the best thing for you

Too many of us rely on the thoughts of many people – our friends, our family, those we work with. How much of you guys reading this can relate? You have great idea; brilliant in fact and you can’t wait to rush home or rush on the phone to either tell your parents, your partner or a really good friend. The moment you tell them it’s like they’ve just ripped your idea into thousand pieces and thrown it in the bin. “You have to be realistic” they say. “Be real” They say. “No-one has really don’t that around here” they say. “Hmmm good idea, but there may be a chance it may not work out”, they say. Nobody will ever say why your idea is great, but they will always say why your idea won’t work not necessarily because they don’t want you to succeed but they are scared you will fail.

That is why at first, it may be best to keep your idea to yourself. Nobody can influence your actions and mindset except for yourself. In their infancy, ideas are fragile. There is no sense of clear purpose that is established with this idea, nor is there goals put into place so you can start seeing the vision come to life. Ideas need to be protected


3 things that may help you:

1) Create an ideas book
Everyday write down at least one idea that you have come up with. No matter how big the idea may be – WRITE IT DOWN. By keeping a habit of writing down your ideas this will trigger your creative brain to start working. By the end of the week, sit down and review your ideas and I guarantee you will shock yourself with the amount of amazing things you came up with in the space of a week. If there is one idea in particular that stands out to you, develop it further. Write down the purpose of this idea, who it will benefit and why it is important to you. Once you have done this and have established clear goals, it is all down to you to act upon it.

Screenshot_20190312-134604_Samsung Internet
2) Read
And no I don’t mean a few pages in the daily gossip magazine who gives a tell all of how one of the Kardashian sisters has a baby with their ex boyfriends brother. I mean, I would be lying if I said that wouldn’t be exiting to read. But, I am talking about a different kind og reading. Books that you can learn from and can develop. Reading cab be a sense of inspiration – we start to learn things that we never knew before and pick up certain ideas that we build on. Get research now.

3) Get researching

This is the most important aspect when you are building on your idea. Without research how can you possibly know how well you can create this vision into a reality. When you do carry out your research, find out if there is anyone else doing what you want to do. If there is, don’t worry – that may be leverage for you. You can think of what may be the good and the bad aspects of their business idea and what one unique thing can you bring. Research important findings and facts that you need, research different types of people you may need to network with, research how you can make your idea bigger and better. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH!

Why are ideas so important?

We underestimate just how important the ideas we come up with can be. For many, they will be a part of our daily thought processes – we mostly forget about them and continue to live our lives. But for the others, they can’t think of nothing else other than this idea. They build on it, they put in the work and by the time you know it, this tiny idea that they came up with has transformed not only their lives, but the lives of millions.


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