If you are doing it only for money – STOP NOW!

I am sure many of you reading this including myself have decided to do something in our lives because we saw just how much money we can make. You saw that people who are making money this way go on lavish holidays, buying designer clothes and have their own apartment. Meanwhile you’re struggling to buy a burger and chips with the loose change you managed to find in your back pocket.

As a society we look and observe what other people are doing and grab onto that because we saw that things went good for that other person. We think “if he or he can then so can I”. Complete rubbish. Truth is, we have become a bunch of followers who just think that we can tag along to the next best thing that brings in some cash. All of this without having developed a burning desire.

“There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it “. – Napoleaon Hill

If your doing it only for money, then stop. Here is why

  1. You won’t create a lasting impact

Some of the most famous millionaires and billionaires out there have only become ultra-wealthy because of the impact they created first. You need to build on something that will inspire others, make others proud and create an impact in your community and around the world. The money will come, but once you have created even the smallest impact in your community this will develop into global recognition if you really want it too. People who have created a lasting impact with their passions have constantly educated themselves, know everything they can, and have applied this knowledge into their work. Once this is done, the money will come and it will work for them.

        2. When things get hard you will stop

When people are chasing the next best thing, they don’t think about the challenges that they you will face. All they think about is how amazing life will be when you make a bit of money. Everything will be amazing right? Wrong! Things will be hard, tough, challenging, have you tearing your hair out because of stress, but when the going gets tough and you give up shows just how much you wanted it in the first place.

      3. When you see no money coming in you will stop

Because you are doing it for money, when you don’t see any money coming in, you will stop. Simple! We think these “get rich quick” methods will be a way to creating the life we have always imagined, when this is the complete opposite. What they do is create a temporary happiness, but it will never last.

       4. You will simply be “forcing it”

Whatever you do – don’t force it! When things are forced it will never be good. But when it is your true passion and desire then its natural. You will always be happy no matter because you are doing what you love. But when you are doing it because you saw that a few people managed to make a load of cash and you want to imitate that, you will never be truly happy. Instead use other people’s success and make that inspire you.

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Our generation can do just about anything. Technology has played a great part in enabling us to do so as well as other factors. We see Youtubers who make money from their videos and think “oh I can do that; all I need is a computer and recording camera”. We see someone has a very successful online business and we also think “piece of cake”. We see people who trade on the financial market and have managed to make impressive earnings and we think “yep, I will jump on that too”. We also see bloggers who have made your yearly salary in one month and we also think “I’ll definitely get on that”.

But that is not how it works! What you don’t know is that these people have read every book out there on that specific field, they have spent countless hours researching, taking notes, going to seminars, networking, writing goals and being disciplined enough to stick to these goals. Then other people who don’t see the hard work that goes behind it all think that it will be easy for them to do the same, until they are faced challenges that they wasn’t prepared for.


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