How to think RICH!!!

What does it mean to be rich to you? Nice car? Beautiful house? Dining in fancy restaurants and living it up on expensive holidays? We see people flaunt their money and jewellery on Snapchat and Instagram while we sit back, watch and wish we could be like them. But I will let you in on one secret. These people are not rich at all!

The wealthiest people in the world will never have to tell you how much money they have. These people prefer to look and dress simple, whilst also staying out of the spotlight – but behind closed doors they are making an absolute fortune.

For some reason, our generation believe that flaunting things for image on social media is the definition of being rich. But, we all have no idea!

Last year, I really studied and educated myself on what wealth really means and it became apparent to me that many young people my age as well as the older generation like our parents do not know what it means to be rich. And because of this, nobody teaches others about this, until you yourself have made it a priority to find out about it.

Here are 6 tips on how you can get rich in your 20’s & 30’s

  1. Don’t think of money as a bad thing

We are told that “money is the root of all evil”, “money can’t buy happiness”, “the rich are crooks” – but we will still go to work for 40 hours or more per week for what…MONEY! So how does that possibly make sense? We continue to talk down and loathe others who have plenty of it but continue to do everything we can to get money. Don’t be fooled by what uneducated people continue to say to us when it comes to money – if you are unsure always do your research and find out for yourself. When you learn to really love and appreciate wealth, it will always come in abundance. But, when you are constantly complaining about money, you will end up never having enough. I learnt that money isn’t about living lavish and expensive, it is about being able to make money work for you and using this money to give back and make a real impact in the world. This is the thing that nobody ever talks about. If we follow our parents and contradict our thoughts with our actions, you will never get rich.

2. Being rich doesn’t just mean financially

When we see the term rich, we immediately think of money. Yes, this is true, but not to its entirety. Being rich means being fulfilled in all aspects of your life. You need to feel wealthy in your relationships, your personal life, your career, your spirituality as well as being rich in finances. By striving to just be rich in one thing, will never give you the satisfaction you need in the other most important aspects of your life. You will always feel as if something is missing. This is why there are stories of some of the wealthiest people in the world who have either resorted to some sort of drug or self-destruction because they are missing other wealthy characteristics that need to be in their life. Create balance and if you are not happy – always make sure that your happiness is at the forefront of everything you do!

3. Never keep up with the Jonese’s.

As a society we are constantly observing and comparing. We see our friends with designer garms that cost a fortune and we instantly put ourselves down. We see someone our age driving an amazing car and we instantly put our situation down. We see our friends going on lavish holidays and because we cannot afford to live that same lifestyle we instantly put ourselves down. Little do you know, those designer clothes were on sale, the amazing brand-new car is on finance and that lavish holiday was actually a birthday treat that was saved up for a whole year. Learn not to make comparisons with others and stay or “slay” (as my Instagram friends may call it) in your own lane. Keeping up with the Joneses will only make you in debt, so know what it means to really be financially free and strive towards that.


4. Learn to become financially free not just ‘comfortable’

The term financially free means that “you generate enough income and wealth to live on without ever having to work”. People my age are not developing this mindset. When I was younger, I always said that I wanted to be ‘comfortable’. Not free, not independent…but comfortable. I saw other people around me struggling and in my head, I know I didn’t want to be like that growing up and I also thought maybe I will be dreaming too hard if I make a goal to become financially independent, so for me being comfortable was the next best thing. As I grew older and gained more financial intellect, I knew that I needed to strive high. Not in the middle, nor to the side or whatever is below the top. But I needed to always set my goals to the highest possible standard.

5. Read and educate yourself

When I was in school studying I always couldn’t wait for the day when I will be done with education. FINITO! ADIOS! GOOD RIDDANCE! I thought I can’t wait to be over with school, so I never have to study these things again. WRONG! I ended up finishing university and still found myself studying. But this time it was different, because I was educating myself on a life skill that will impact my life in a way like never before. Financial education is something that is a MUST if your goal is to be rich and financially independent. You need to be able to know exactly how to handle money, how to save, the best investment strategies to invest in and ways to truly make money work for you instead of working for money your whole life. Once you do this, you will be so intrigued into other forms of money making and how really accumulate wealth. This amazed me, because for the first time I was learning about something that would really make an impact on my life and future.

6. Get rid of the ‘get rich quick’ mentality

When we see other people with money, we automatically think to ourselves “how can I be in that position and how can I get there FAST!” No. This is all wrong. Wealth takes time, discipline, clarity and believe it or not…failure. I am sure that some of the most successful people in this world could tell you that without failure, they would never have been able to achieve their goals. Be strategic when it comes to your goals and although sometimes there may be a few bumps along the road to financial freedom – try not to be disheartened because with perseverance comes the rewards.


tiff xoxo

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