How to Find Your Way When You Feel Lost…

Adulting. Who knew it would be so hard ay? I write this post because I personally have endured a moment in my life where I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. I felt lost even. Didn’t know my purpose and my passions and I would act like I have got everything together when really, I didn’t.

That transition from teenager to a young adult is one that we never truly take time to understand. We think and act like we know what we are meant to do. We shrug our shoulders at our parents merely because we think they just talk too much, and we know it all already. And we go off into the world with so much we would love to do, however within that journey we sometimes seem to lose our way and sense of direction through it all.

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Personally, I felt like this a lot in my premature 20’s, which was the time when I was studying at university. Mid-way, I lost the passion for my course and was confused about what I wanted to do after graduating. All of this I kept to myself, due to the fear of disappointing others. I felt like there was no direction where my life was taking me – I was just going with the flow (sort of thing). But as I grew older, I understood that it wasn’t just me who was feeling this way. There are plenty young adults who did and continue to feel like how I did.

Something that I spoke about earlier was being unable to know what direction life was taking me and ‘going with the flow’. If you currently feel the same way, STOP! The trick is to create what direction you choose to follow in life, because if you have no power in where exactly you are going, you will end up becoming someone who would always be lost and would never truly be happy with how their life turned out to be.

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Here are 5 ways to find your way when you may feel lost:

  1. Talk to someone you trust

Many of us really underestimate the power of talking and communicating. We bottle everything up inside of us until we can’t take any more. But something that may in fact help is to confide in someone close to you that you trust, telling them how you feel and the reasons why you may feel like this. This may help because you will be able to get the encouragement and opinion from someone other than yourself that will in fact help you a lot.

2. Write in a journal

Journaling is so important. I didn’t realise this until I started writing and documenting things that were going on in my own life. With this, you can always reflect on things happening in your life and read over certain emotions that you felt. Not only that, but it can be a real sense of therapy, because you are releasing all the things that may be in your mind onto paper. From this, you can understand and know all the things you need to do to change your current state in that moment.

3. Find your passion

This may be easier said than done. For some of us, it may take months, years or even a decade to find and truly know what our passions are. And for others, they may know what their passions are from the moment they were small. We are all different. But with that being said, there are things in life that we all enjoy doing. So build on these things – you never know because your true passions may be staring you in the face once you start seeking.

4. Do all the things that make you happy

When we feel lost in life, many times we seem to also lose the many things that used to make us feel happy. As a result, this will make us feel worse than we are. You may feel dissatisfied, sad, frustrated and on top of it all lost. No! This will never be good for your mental health if you feel all these different feelings all at once. You need to still be able to do the things that make you feel happy in life, because that will be the one of the remedies to find your way again.

5. Always be true to yourself

Being true to yourself will always help you, no matter what the circumstance may be. If there is a time in your life where you do feel lost, you need to be able to own it and never fake being who you are or trying to forget about the feeling you feel inside. When we choose to deliberately ignore our feelings, we will never progress and develop as the person you want to be. So, making sure you always stay true to yourself is extremely important.


tiff xoxo

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4 thoughts on “How to Find Your Way When You Feel Lost…

  1. Loved this post, Tiffany! I think it is so so important for people to find and recognize their passion like you stated, and the journaling idea is helpful. Bullet journaling has been something many of my friends do and I am looking into doing myself.

    1. Exactly!!! I also realised that if we don’t find our passions we end up settling for something that doesn’t give us joy and a real sense of happiness. And yes, journaling is👌🏾has helped me so much times too. Thank you so much for reading 🤗🤗❤

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