How not being in the right environment can block your greatness!

When I entered the workforce, I realised that all people do is complain. They complain about work, having no money, being late, being tired and how Karen from the finance team had a fling with Paul from the I.T department. That became DRAINING. It sucked every bit of life out of me from Monday – Friday and on Saturday all I wanted to do was sleep, while Sunday I would dread going back in Monday morning.

This is an example of an environment negatively affecting your greatness inside of you. When we are so conditioned to a certain environment, we start to adapt and pick up the unhealthy habits of other people because it seems natural – everyone is doing it right? No, what everyone is doing is blocking their success without even realising.

You must be willing to destroy everything in your life that is not excellent. We were put on this earth to be the best possible versions of ourselves. Instead we waste it and opt for trying to fit in an environment that is negatively putting a strain on us.


It is important to surround yourself with people who not only see greatness in you, but who have the same vision of excellence as you.

The thing that happens to a lot of us is we will think of ways to better our lives and to achieve certain goals, but the moment we step into an environment whether it be our homes, the workplace or so on, we are immediately pushed back. This is merely because others do not and will not ever understand you and your purpose.

Our natural disposition is to achieve and be the best, while also protecting it. So, think about the environment you are in right now? Is it helping you be the best you can possibly be? Think about it!

If it is not, you need to remove yourself from this to achieve greatness. You need to realise that once you start this journey, many will look at you like you are being weird or unnatural. Well in fact, it is very natural. They are the ones who are being disconnected from their nature and from what they are born to do.

I never realised my environment was bad for me until I started to write my goals down and be on a journey of self-development. It quickly became apparent to me that I was the only person doing this in my household, at work and among my group of friends. I had to be the one to find focus and to re-establish what I needed to do to create a life of wealth – spiritually, mentally, physically and financially.
As young adults, we constantly hit our parents with “I can’t wait to move out”. But why? Do you want your own space? Do you not get along with your parents? Or do you simply just say it because that’s the “in thing” to say when you hit 16? You need to establish if the environment you are in right now is helping you towards greatness and if not why, before even thinking about removing yourself from this. I say this, because 9 times out of 10 we are most likely to bring all the negative baggage we had in our lives before into a new setting.

I used to find myself getting so frustrated because I felt like nobody understood me and it was hard to find peace in a world that is constantly rushing and complaining their way through life – without ever sitting down to listen and act on their goals.

There are even circumstances, when many of us know the environment we are in is not right for us but are too scared to change it. They are fearful of what other people may say and feel like they are not ready to remove it from their lives because they have been embedded in that way of life for years and that is all they ever know. Yes, it can feel daunting, life is all about being uncomfortable, but when you know something is not right for you, why stay in it?

You need to be committed to clean up your environment and create one for you that will only be filled with happiness, love and wealth.

Here is how you can start…
1) Get a journal out and write everything you love and hate about the environment you are in right now.

2) Think of ways how you can change the things you hate about the environment your living in to a more positive one. If not, remove it from your life!

3) Stop being fearful of what others may think. Your life is there for only you to live. So, live it.

4) Start now!!!

One of the key points that I had to quickly adopt in my life was to always keep a journal. Because I was constantly writing in a journal this made become mindful of how my environment was affecting my life. I then made it a priority to not only change my environment but change my thinking along with this. If you want to turn your life around and know your environment is playing a part in this, be dedicated to live the life you know deserve.



tiff xoxo

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