Graduation: 10 things to expect…

Once we graduate, we expect so much: a job in the field you studied for years, money coming in and a taste of the real world. But is this really the case?

The time is nearly here. The day you’ve been waiting for (or shall I say the day your parents have been waiting for). As you sit down and remember the sleepless nights, the dozens of cups of coffee you downed to keep you on high alert. The stress. The dark bags under your eyes. The living in the libraries. Everything. It is now gone. But what now? That’s the famous question many graduates end up saying after they have graduated and moved back in with their parents with a mountain of belongings. Yes, what now? Well luckily enough for you, I have had the pleasure of going through this, so I can tell you what exactly to expect.

  1. Job Hunting

Yes! For me, this was the most tedious of all. Millions of students are in the same position as you and there are probably hundreds applying for the same job as you. But somehow, you’re meant to stand out from the crowd, right?! Well, does that explain why you keep starting your cover letter with phrases like: “I have great communication skills”. As you can probably tell that was one of my favourite phrases to use and guess where it landed me for months on end? In front of my laptop applying for even more jobs.

  1. Gear up for rejections

Before you go to university or college, many people around us tell us that the main reason we must go is so that when we graduate, we can get a great job and earn loads of money. Trust me it is not so simple. These people who said that to me really downplayed it. For many of you, there may be many applications that you apply for and a few days later you are hit with the reply that hurts your soul – “Unfortunately, I regret to tell you that on this occasion you have been unsuccessful”. I mean, you spent the whole night writing up answers to those long, annoying questions that they asked you.

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  1. You wouldn’t look at alcohol the same as you did

After graduation, you have now stepped into “the real world”, as people like to say. This means that things must change, including your drinking habits. Doing jelly Vodka shots every night has to stop unfortunately. You can no longer look at alcohol every night as you did and still go to you 9am classes the next day with a hangover and the same clothes you wore the night before. However, this is a different story when you enter the workforce. You can’t expect to drink and casually party on the weekdays and expect to go to work the next day.

  1. You will now have a bedtime

Bedtime? Who has a bedtime? You will know exactly what I’m talking about when you experience life after graduation. Gone are the days when you will go to bed at stupid hours in the morning. The older you get, the more you will realise just how important sleep is and how it can greatly affect your body and mood if you don’t get enough. When you do start working you will find yourself in bed by 10pm and you’ll be excited for the long sleep ahead. That’s what adulthood does to you people.

  1. Save

This can be one of the hardest things for graduates especially if there is not a lot of money coming in, but whatever you do have don’t blow it, be smart.

  1. Your student loan will be well over £40,000

I remember the first time I opened my student finance statement; I was blown away. I was £44,000 in student debt at the age of 21 and suddenly, there becomes this automatic pressure for you to find a job that relates to what you had studied.

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  1. Finding time to send with your friends will take some effort

It will be different. As you get older, everyone’s priorities will change and the people you once lived with or saw everyday will start to feel like a mission to see them now. But it is important to understand that this is completely okay. Not because you no longer see these friends every day, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are no longer your friends. Be sure to make time when you can.

  1. People will ask about you job ALL. THE. TIME.

Yes, no exaggeration. Any person who knows you – including your parents for that matter, will ask you the questions every single time. “So, how’s the job hunting going” or “How is work going”. When you begin to repeat yourself for the hundredth time, it gets frustrating trust me. But, that is something you must expect.

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    You may feel lost for awhile

This is completely normal, because many people do. Finding a job may be more difficult as you thought, and you find yourself looking at a computer everyday doing the same exact thing you done the day before and the day before that.

  1. Trust yourself

Many of including myself at the time found it incredibly hard to trust myself and my heart. I tended to rely on the opinions of other people or what they thought, instead of trusting my own instincts. Remember this is your life, therefore if you feel as if you need a career change, need to take some time out to go travelling, or so forth. Then do it.


2 thoughts on “Graduation: 10 things to expect…

  1. I relate to this so much! From someone who graduated college nearly 4 years ago, it is definitely eye opening once you are in the real world. Here’s a bonus thing to expect: a lot of times, depending on your degree, you won’t even land a job in your major. But somehow it works out. Eventually you will find a job and make decent money. You will end up getting your own place (that’s where the real “fun” begins, such as bills) and time will pass by incredibly quick! Eventually, you become accustomed to not sleeping as much anyways, so you might entertain the idea of going out on the weekday (like in my case haha). You will learn so much and grow. My word of advice is to be patient and trust the process. Oh, and yes, travel. Travel as much as you can! Thank you for sharing.

    1. How true is this! I literaly laughed when reading your comment, especially when you said the real fun begins when we have to start paying bills. (Oh how I wish I was a kid again). I think one of the main things that was a shock to the system was that things were not happening in the timeline of how I thought it would be in my head. But as you said, be patient and trust the process! Thank you so so much for your comment. Oh yes…travel travel travel! xxx

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