Failure is a MUST!!!

Did you look at the title of this blog post and think “is this girl okay in the head”?

Well to be honest with you – sometimes I’m not so right in the head, but at least I am being honest about that.

However, something many of us our scared to talk about is failure. Any instance of success, we want to share it with the whole world – but the moment we fail we shrivel up into tiny pieces and forget that it never happened and choose to hardly speak about it.

As I go through this journey on the road to success I have quickly realised that failure is inevitable. I have also grasped that for anyone in this world to succeed – failure is a must. I have studied and looked at some of the most successful people in this world and one thing I have learnt from every one of them is that they failed a bunch of times before seeing any type of success. And this is what people will never see! If we want to create a life that is rich, satisfying and filled with purpose – we need to know how to fail.
So if failure isn’t a bad thing, then why are we not teaching that to our young people?
This is because, we grow up with a distorted view that we need to avoid failing and it is something that is not supposed to happen. Nonetheless something so vital that everyone needs to realise is that failure isn’t the opposite of success, but it is necessary to achieve success. I have been there – a failure feels like a massive punch to the gut. You start to feel like you aren’t capable enough, smart enough, or even good enough to achieve your goal. You also start making comparisons to your friends and people around you and the emotion of self-doubt starts kicking in with full force. Therefore, it is just as important to believe in yourself, even if there are people who you think don’t believe in you.
We need to teach our young people to fail so that they can have that positive voice in their head that tells them to keep going and keep pushing. Trust me, it means that you are on the right track. Upon reflection, it seems as though society doesn’t make clear how good failure is because they don’t want too much successful people in this world.
We are injected this idea from society that we should never fail, and failure has always been perceived to us as being a negative. A road you don’t want to go down. And when failure does occur, it is an embarrassment, people fear talking about it because of all the negative connotations surrounding failure. I remember being in school and the biggest fear that everyone constantly used to drum in our head was that we had to pass our exams, which led to an immense feeling of pressure at a very young and fragile age. At school, we were taught that if we didn’t pass our exams, “we wouldn’t grow up to get a good job and have a good life” (APPARENTLY). However, as I grow older, to fail means you are failing your life, when in fact failure is the best thing that can ever happen to you.
If you never know what failure feels like you will never know what it means to be successful. We are so caught up in society’s expectations, that we end up loosing who we are and what we want in the process. We start to believe that if a certain goal or dream requires you to fail first – then it just isn’t worth the aggro.
For us young millennials, failure is the best thing that could ever happen to us. We are in a world that is rapidly evolving, and we need to take advantage of that. I have learnt to look forward to failure, because I know the lessons that I will learn will be exponential in my journey to success.
So, for the 100th time using the word “failure” in this post, I promise this will only be the last time I say it.

Let’s continue to fail if we want to see our dreams come true.

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