Easter = New Beginnings! Here is why…

It occurred to me as I was opening my chocolate Easter Egg, what the whole concept of Easter represented. Besides the fact that we got ourselves in a sugar coma for the weekends indulgence and greed. I mean, all year you have been looking for an excuse to over indulge in chocolate and you finally found it right? EASTER! But just as I was opening my chocolate egg (yes even though I am a fully grown adult, I still receive a chocolate Easter Egg from my mum), I realised that this whole concept meant new life as this important holy day for Christians celebrates the resurrection of Christ. It represents new beginnings, a new start. How peculiar because we always associate the new year as a new beginning for us because it is the start of the year. “New Year, New Me”, is what we are all shouting when the clock strikes 12am every 1st January. However, for many of us the new year doesn’t in fact bring a new you and things that you wanted to do and accomplish still hasn’t come into full effect like you wanted it too. But that is fine! IMG_5271.JPG This past weekend as I looked at my Easter egg and before I savagely unwrapped the packet like Charlie and his Willie Wonka bar, I thought to myself, even though there may be things that I thought I would have already achieved this year, it’s not too late. We haven’t even reached half of the year yet. It’s up to me whether to create my new beginnings and the things I need to do to achieve that. As young people, we just generally put way too much pressure on ourselves. When something doesn’t work out in our favour, we crumble. I did for a bit. I lost focus and ended up watching one whole season of Game of Thrones in one day. It is amazing though isn’t it? My point is we can start a new beginning at any point of our lives. I woke up this morning with a burst of energy and couldn’t wait to get started on my blog again. It felt exactly how I felt when I just started. But why wasn’t I getting the same feeling a few weeks back? Everyone is different and there are many different things that will trigger us into feeling this way. It is normal. For me I was burnt out. I would spend morning, afternoon and evenings – day in, day out working on the same things in the same environment and it began to be a little bit draining. The truth is, it all started to feel a bit much for me. However, the Easter break taught me so much. I was able to analyse the past four months from the beginning of the year. What went well? What didn’t? How can I develop further?
What to do now
Well, it is important that if you feel exactly how I did or still feel like I did, maybe its best if you step away for a bit and self-analyse everything that is going on. How can you turn your current situation around and how can it be a new beginning for you? It took me an Easter egg to realise that it doesn’t have to be a new year in date for me to create a new beginning and a new life and to constantly develop as a person. things
Here are 5 things that Easter taught me:
  2. Great excuse to indulge on chocolate
  3. A new beginning doesn’t always have to be the start of the year
  4. You can choose how you want your life to go
  5. I will never be too old for chocolate Easter eggs
Love, tiff xoxo

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