Are You Hungry Enough To Be Successful?

Are you HUNGRY or peckish?

So? Which one are you?

How do we begin to nurture that hunger?


A packet of cookies?

Maybe a takeaway because you cannot be bothered to cook, it’s a Friday and you are desperately convincing yourself that you deserve it anyway – long week and all that jazz…. I GET IT!

So why when our bodies are telling us that we are hungry we immediately give it anything it needs to obliterate that feeling of hunger, whether it is food, snacks, fruit, whatever it may be we provide it with nutrients and we automatically feel better.

But when it comes to our dreams, we have it all right? I mean, we can’t be as hungry as we say we are! If we were, we would live in a world where everyone shoots for the stars and lives life on their own terms.

No! We live in a world where people are peckish. You ever heard that term before?

If you haven’t, I am glad to say you will be leaning something new today.

To be peckish is to be somewhat hungry, or slightly hungry – but not hungry enough to have a full plate of food. Something light, which you can inevitably ‘peck’ on from time to time.

Most of us in this world have lifelong goals but are not hungry enough to go for them full force. We are peckish!

We will do something light and think that’s ok and then we will wait and wait and continue to do something else that will light heartedly help us, but nothing over the extreme.

Upon reflection of my own life over the past few years, I have concluded that I had never been hungry for anything. I may say I am, but I wasn’t!

When you are working on something you plan to achieve you have to be hungry every single day. You must be willing to make the sacrifices to nurture that hunger!

Some of us may not act upon that hunger because we are scared about being defeated. We may think “if I do a bit here and there and something goes wrong then it won’t be life damaging”. But on the other hand, for someone who is hungry, and something goes wrong it can be a massive punch to the gut.

However, once we overcome the worse, nothing can get in the way.

Napoleon Hill stated in Think and Grow Rich that one of the main principles for success is if we inhabit a burning desire. I remember reading this and thinking that these very two words were so simple, but so effective. He said the word burning, because you need to have something that alights a fire inside of you, something so strong, something that gets you HUNGRY.

What are the 5 main things we need to do to be HUNGRY?

1.Work on yourself.

It is extremely important to take the time to do everything in your power to work on yourself. We become so invested in other things and other people who don’t really give a crap about us. We put ourselves on the sideline, on the bench and we say to ourselves “wait, I will come back to you” but never do.

Remember you are the star of your show. No one else. Therefore, working on yourself is THE most crucial thing you can ever do in life. As humans, we will immediately face negative thought or feeling in any circumstance no matter what it may be. From time to time, there may be this voice in your head telling you that you cannot do it, but you have to be the one to SHUT IT DOWN – and you can only do this successfully by working on yourself.

You have to truly believe in yourself and sell yourself for you to achieve you dreams

2. Be courageous to act now!

In life you must have the courage to act upon your goals and what you really want to do. We have to step into our fears and keep going because ding this will transcend something greater within us.

If you don’t develop the courage to do whatever it is that you want to do and instead go to other people for approval this will be very damaging. I will tell you why!

I say this because others will convince you that what you are doing doesn’t have any value and you will end up putting your dreams on the side-line – giving up! Be courageous, even if everyone around you isn’t, if everyone around you is lazy and keep complaining every week about their job, but still make no effort when they get home to act upon their goals – then ignore them. Focus on you and ensure that you are putting actions in place rather than talking about something that will never benefit your life.

3. It is urgent

What life has taught me, and I am sure it has taught many of you reading this is life comes at you fast. One minute you are a child and the next you have a child…or 3!

If there are things you want to do in life, just do it – even if you start by doing a little bit. We need to start living life with a sense of urgency for us to live the life we want. We are blessed as humans to have unique abilities and talents that we can bring to the world and add value, but many of us choose not to. We may wait and wait and wait until we have no more time left on this earth and was not remembered for being the one who lived every day like it was there last.

4. Focus

We must be able to focus on developing our skills which will inevitably help us achieve our goals. Living in a world were there is so much going on may be a little distracting, but at the same time you have to make it a priority to focus. Focus on you, fcus on the things you need to do, focus on ways you can elevate to the next level. Just focus.

And lastly,

5. You need to eat

Yes EAT! When we naturally feel hungry, we make it a priority to feed our bodies. But now, you must make it a priority to feed your mind with everything that will help you get to that goal. This can be in the form of reading books, attending seminars, creating contacts from people who you admire, exercising, it could be anything as long as you make sure you are feeding your mind and body with everything it needs to help you get to the place you want to.

So, let me ask you one more time….

Are you hungry or peckish?


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