Allow me to introduce myself…

As this is officially my first ever blog post I would like to say Hello, Hola, Gutentag, Bonjour. If you was curious as to if I spoke any other language the answer is no, I simply just done a Google search so I can sound a bit fancy. And many who know me, know I can be a little bit extra even when it’s not needed, so if you are like me and love extra, you’re in luck. My name is Tiffany, a 24 year old who for the past year have been working out ways in which I can be that 1% of the population who can use leverage to build wealth.

As I had studied Journalism at University, many people would ask me if I have a blog, do I write, what do I do to make my writing go noticed. The answer was I did nothing, not a damn thing. The honest truth was that I felt that there wasn’t anything I was uniquely passionate about to start my own blog. You know….something that would make your fingers do a non-stop 2 hour workout on your keyboard. Oh and before I forget. I was extremely lazy! The type of lazy that would be happy to have a movie day by myself every single day, whilst also checking my Instagram every half an hour or so whilst self consciously trying to work out what I wanted for dinner. Yes, that type of lazy.

However, for the past year, I feel that many aspects in my life has changed. Many who know me will of course see the same person, but in my heart I know I have changed. My journey this past year is one that has inspired me to start a blog, along with many other reasons. My aim for this blog is to inspire many young people like myself to break barriers society and their family has ut up for them and always follow their passions. The truth is society has trapped us in a mindset that makes us believe all we need to do is go to school, find a good job, settle down and get married and work your entire life whilst you complain about constantly being tired. I mean…this is what millions of us do without ever changing anything about it.

Let us start this journey together!!!


tiff xoxo


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