8 Simple Mistakes I Made As a Beginner Blogger.

As Christmas is sneakily around the corner, there becomes a great sense of panic that rushes through my body. 2020 HOW?!

You are feeling it too right?

OK GREAT! I thought I was the only one.

I also feel part shock and part guilt because I just cannot believe how fast 2019 has come by and in some weird way, I feel that I should have done more when it comes to my blog.

When I think back to 2019, I think of my new plans and goals to create a blog. I thought this would be an amazing way to develop the love I have for writing, whilst connecting, influencing and sharing my story with others. I thought of ways how I could make an income with having a blog. I thought of ways to influence others, ways of how I could give back. Ways to really connect with young adults like myself who really found it hard to find their true self in this crazy whirlwind we call life.

How hard could it really be right?!

Yeah right!

As aspiring bloggers looking in, we look at these other amazing bloggers who have spoken so openly about how they earn 4 or 5 figures per month by simply doing what they love – blogging.

It seems so simple doesn’t it. Blog about something that really means something to you and use that to connect with others and have an impact. So, I started my blog in January 2019. I wrote, I researched, I wrote some more, I bought books and began reading about blogging. I also started to really study and learn things about myself as everything to me became a lesson that could share with others on my blog…

And yes, I wrote and wrote and wrote. But what I learnt when I look back now is that these things alone wouldn’t make your blog have such a massive impact as you want it too.

There was also a lot of things that I realise didn’t help me much when trying to develop a blog.

Here are 8 simple mistakes I made as a beginner blogger:

1) Thinking too much about getting paid

Don’t get me wrong, being able to create another income from something you absolute love doing is the goal – but remember that this will not happen straight away. I kept thinking, “when will people start clicking and buying products from my affiliate links”, “when will I get sponsors”, “what digital products can I sell”. That was where I went wrong, because money started to become one of the main things I was focusing on. I was too busy chucking a bunch of random affiliate links that sometimes didn’t even relate to my post, just because I was so wrapped up in the thought of getting paid. Remember, getting paid is something that will happen once you establish yourself as a blogger.

2) Perfect your craft 


The number one thing you need to do is perfect your craft, and this includes everything you do in life. For us boggers, that means developing your writing, making sure your content is amazing, finding your audience and writing posts that people will enjoy and relate with. Yes, money is important, but it doesn’t mean anything if you aren’t putting in the solid work to make your blog be something that you want it to be.

3) Use your experiences to create magic

This year taught me that you can never really plan your life stage by stage. Yes have goals and aspirations in place, but life has a funny thing of throwing a bunch of unexpected events and circumstances right in the face – some of them good, some of them bad, but what is important is how you was able to deal with them. A blog, no matter what it is – should influence and impact people enough to keep them coming back to read. When you show vulnerability, triumph and growth through your writing, whatever you may write about, people will connect with you. Blogging through some of the things I went through could’ve possibly made some of my best posts. It is something to think about.

4) Be consistent 

These two words could potentially be two of the most important words when it comes to blogging. This was one of my biggest challenges this year. I would be on a roll for a few months and then something would happen in my life that would cause me to stop and that would happen again and again until I frantically realise that there is just one month and a half left in the year. Consistency is important in anything you do, not just blogging. My inconsistent habits when it came to blog this past year was something, I feel I had to go through to understand what wasn’t working.

5) Avoid comparing yourself to other bloggers 

There are so many amazing bloggers out there but try not to get too caught up in comparing your blog to theirs. As I said before, there are some bloggers that may make it seem easy, they may blog full time and make thousands per month through their blog. They may get a bunch of free products, holidays, sponsors, whatever it may be – try not to compare your blog to other peoples. When you start focusing on other blogs, you may lose sight of where you need to be going. Yes, take notes and be inspired but never compare.

6) It takes time 

It’s important to understand that anything you truly want will not be there in the blink of an eye. I feel that many people have this conception that bloggers can make 5 figures within a few months and when it doesn’t happen to you, there may be a sense of confusion, frustration, annoyance even. Understand that the time you put into your blog will allow yourself and your blog to grow as big as you allow it too.

7) Not focusing on building up email lists 

Email lists are crucial for building up your audience. I knew this, but I didn’t focus on this and I realised that was one of the biggest mistakes this year when it came to my blog. As I stated beforehand, sometimes we get so caught up in the wrong things when we get our blog up and running and forget to pay attention on what should be priority.

And finally

8) Let your baby go 

For me, this was and still is one of the hardest things. A blog, a business, or anything you create in life is like your very own bubba. If you are anything like me, you spend so much time cradling it, protecting it and essentially not letting it free. Sometimes I spend so much times on the wrong things when it comes to my blog. I get too wrapped up in making it look pretty, not wanting anything to spoil it and even up until this day no one hardly knows I even have a blog. All of this because I am scared that people may say something negative about my blog – “my baby”! But what good does that do, really? I figured that for my blog to create the impact it needs too, I need to let it go, no matter what the feedback may be. As long as I am able to use it as a way to inspire and impact the majority, oh and to also put a big, fat grin on people’s faces – then that should be all I care about.


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