5 ways to help you relieve stress at University.

It’s the peak season. You have started already on the chocolate treats, not because Easter is around the corner, but because you are stressed and the only thing that will make you feel a teeny-weeny bit better is sugar. You are up to your ears in deadlines. You are also panicking because you have exams in the next couple of weeks that you haven’t even attempted to study for. You live in the library and live on takeaway, not because you don’t want to cook, but simply because you don’t have the time. Everything you think about consists of studying. You are physically there, but mentally your brain is somewhere else. You know that feeling I am talking about!

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As students, we are constantly overthinking, over stressing, over cramping…damn it we are so OVER EVERYTHING!

Here are 5 best ways to help you during uni/college season:

  1. Go for a walk

Going for a walk can have positive and zen-like effects after. By just taking 10-30 minutes out of your busy schedule to walk and clear your head, this can be feel very rewarding and relieve a lot of stress that you have been dealing with. This particularly helped me when I was studying, because I realised that when I would take myself out of that over-worked and stressed environment it clears your mental space and when you return to do more studying you actually feel better.

2. Music

Ahhh, doesn’t music all make us feel better. Well, that’s only if it isn’t a sad, break up song that constantly reminds you of your ex. But overall, music makes us feel alive, it soothes, it relaxes and above all it makes us want to dance. By putting on some music this probably make you feel a lot better than being stressed.

3. Get enough sleep

We know going to sleep at 4 am because you’re up all night completing a paper and loaded up on caffeine can make us more stressed when we wake up the following morning. This is because we are trying so hard to survive on 4-5 hours of sleep, don’t eat properly and crack on again with studies. Typically, it is recommended for adults to have between 7-9 hours sleep for best health – anything below that can have physical impacts on our bodies. Forbes stated in a recent article that “the more our internal clock is closely aligned with the clock of the sun, the better it is”.

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4. Do something different

Invite some girls over for a movie night. Go out and do some window shopping (I know the struggle is real). Or you can even go for drinks with a few friends. We get caught up in our studies and revising for exams while having to write up assignments and stressing about finding a grad job after uni or college. Sometimes we forget that we need to have that break for ourselves, even if it is for an hour or two – it can really help us relieve some stress.

5. Stay focused

Focus! Most of the times, what can actually cause stress in the first place is the lack of understanding and organisation. This then leads to feeling frantic, panicky, stressed and like you don’t have enough time in the day for the things you have to do. But if you just focus on your goals, the important things you have to do first, and where you see yourself in the next 6 months. In-fact by doing this it can motivate you and help you with all the things you need to do.

Busy week? You've got this!

I know it can be a hard, challenging time for those who are experiencing the university/college stress, however its important take these steps to help you unwind. Trust me, in 2 months time you will be laughing at all the things you went through just so you can be in the position you are now.


tiff xoxo

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