5 ways to BOOST creativity when you feel burnt out.

Tired? Loosing focus? Couldn’t care less? Sounds like a burnout to me – luckily, I will show you 5 ways to boost your creativity when you feel like this.

Have you ever had that “I cannot be asked” feeling? Or the “I’ll do it tomorrow” feeling. Even better – the “I feel exhausted” feeling. Yep, you’ve probably burnt yourself out. Truth is, it’s natural for many of us to feel this way from time to time, especially if we are doing way too much. I have found that when I do feel burnt out or just plain exhausted, I start to feel an immense amount of guilt and then my brain goes into a mini panic that I’ve done nothing except eat and look up holiday deals I know I most probably won’t go on, whilst simultaneously scrolling through Instagram every 10 minutes or so.

If you are in the midst of creating something you feel passionate about, whether it be your own business, a website/blog, work or school demands – odds are there will be a time where you feel a  temporary sense of “you cant go on for much longer” feeling. Your bright, positive take on the world may suddenly be struck with grey clouds. Something that was once so exciting, and thrilling has now become a grewling task that you just keep bumping heads at. You feel no progression and your hard work has led you to feel only one thing. You know exactly what I am about to say. BURNT OUT!

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How do I know if I am?

First things first – its important that YOU realise when YOU feel this way so that you know what to do to change this feeling. You must be true to yourself and if that means you’ve pushed your creative energy far beyond reach you must identify this.

  1. All you want to do is sleep

Just waking up in the morning can seem like the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do in your life. Usually, you leap out of bed ready to strike while the iron is hot. But now, you cannot face the task of doing work and you’d rather be curled up (foetus position might I add) under your warm toasty duvet.

2) You find it hard to focus

And when you do finally make it out of bed, you now find it hard to focus. You know in head that you should be getting some work done, but damn it’s hard. You find yourself in a constant state of of distraction that you have no control over.

3) Your body feels run down and drained

Then to top it all off, your body may feel achy and completely out of energy. The body doesn’t lie people.

4) You find it hard to complete simple daily goals

You not only find it a struggle to get out of bed in the mornings, but simple day to day tasks are suddenly a lot harder for you to complete

5) Serious Netflix binge has occurred

Yep. I said it. You are now going on a complete binge – not because you want too, but a contributing factor is that you feel too lazy to do anything else. This includes turning the TV off.

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Honestly – the feeling of a burn out is real and can occur at any moment. You probably have deadlines and goals that you need to reach in your career which includes you working for yourself too. You have been going hard to see results – but how much is too much?

Here are 5 ways to boost your creativity and to overcome that horrible “burnout” feeling like a champ

1) Its okay to take a break

For those who have so many deadlines, taking a break will almost never happen. You get so caught up and you are so busy that by the time you know it, you have been going nonstop for hours. You are not a machine! Understand that the human body can only work like this for so long until you find yourself feeling exhausted. When you take breaks, this can be a great way to refresh and rejuvenate you mind. Even a day off where you don’t even think about work for the day could be great too.

2) Do something completely work unrelated for a few minutes.

When you feel yourself not being able to focus enough and feeling too tired to do anything, maybe its time to switch things up a bit. Try doing something completely unrelated to what you are currently working on. This can be anything ranging from playing video games, watching something funny, practising a new creative hobby, exercise, I mean anything. Chances are when you do go back to the specific task you was working on beforehand, you will feel much better. Go on try it! The only thing I would say is to be disciplined…I did say a few minutes not 4 hours.

3) Practice saying “NO”!

When we learn exactly how to say the words “no” at the right times, this could work wonders for our lives. Remember, not everything in this world requires you to say yes. This is something even I am working on, because for me I feel a huge sense of guilt if I don’t say the words yes. If you are working on a few things at once in life whether it be work or personal, why then would you add to that? It doesn’t make sense, but we all choose to do it anyway. I am currently learning the importance of longevity and that certain things take time if you want them to be a success and to create a lasting value.

4) Don’t work out of hours

For some, this can be hard, especially when deadlines are approaching. But working out of hours can do some harm to not only your physical and mental state, but it can also affect you relationships, including the relationship you have with yourself. If you work for a company or for someone else, let your 9-5 working hours MEAN 9-5, not 9-9 because you decided to bring everything you was doing at the office that day home with you too. That will not work. If you work for yourself and have your own business or something you are creating, then set your own working hours and stay disciplined to stick to that, so that the rest of your time can be spent with your family, a partner or with yourself.

5) Be true to yourself

If you find yourself going into a mini psychological meltdown then take a step back. Many people use the term ‘self-care’ and I completely agree. But the most important thing is identifying your feelings and taking a step on how to overcome it.


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