5 tips for singles this Valentines Day


“What are you doing for Valentine’s Day”? You hear your workmate shouting from across the desk…

In your head, you think FFS. What lie am I going to tell now because she bloody just said it in front of everyone and I don’t want them all to know that I am probably going to spend it in bed for the 4th year in a row.

If your smiling right now because you can relate its okay, I love a good smile.

Little do we all know, the thought of Valentines day for some people can send them into a mini panic mode. We constantly see cute cards, balloons, teddy bears and hear mushy annoying love songs all over the radio. I mean…..GIVE IT A REST?!?

What I found to be interesting is that single people hardly ever talk about their valentine’s day motives because they never make plans. For most single people, the big V-day is a way to make them feel like absolute crap, whilst they hug their pillow and simultaneously scroll through Instagram and Twitter to see their friends posting pictures of what “bae” surprised them with. Many of you singletons reading this fail to realise that Valentine’s Day should be celebrated by EVERYONE no matter if we are in a relationship or not and no matter how corny it may be. Even if you’re not in a romantic relationship…big deal – there are so many other special people in your life who you love dearly and who should be celebrated just as much.

As a society, everyone wants to be socially excepted and by not being in a relationship on Valentines Day, it often makes many people feel like there is no need to celebrate let alone mention anything about it.

Love is the greatest emotion felt and the most beautiful thing about this thing called love, is that it comes in all forms. So, if you are single, here are 5 unique ways to celebrate this Valentine’s Day (Just to make it clear, “Netflix and chill” is cancelled this year people.)


1. Cheeky Girls Trip away

What’s better than a “baecation”…a girlcation of course. Taking a short trip with some of your girls may be perfect way to celebrate. You’re not just celebrating yourself but you’re celebrating the love you and some of your close ones have for each other.

2. Buy something for yourself

If the funds are there, why not treat yourself to something cute. If no one else will, then who will. Yourself of course. Indulge in all the things you love. Go out and buy that new makeup palette you’ve had your eye on for a while. Buy yourself those bunch of flowers you just saw in Tesco on your lunch break, it will look pretty in your room. Buy those chocolates you love – (make it a cheat day, one day won’t hurt) or why not buy yourself a sexy pair of lingerie to make you feel good. Whatever you decide, treat yourself.

3. Buy flowers or a card for someone you love

Even if you’re not in a romantic relationships, it is always good to show someone close to you how much you love and appreciate them. Something small like a card or flowers will always make you feel good about putting a smile on someone else’s face. So just doing something small for someone you love to show them how much they are loved, is enough to make you feel good.

4. Have a good sing off

I have a sing off most nights in my bedroom and trust me it is one of the most amazing things. Putting on some of you favourite songs and singing your heart out could actually put you in a good mood. Be careful though – don’t go for the sad, soppy songs that will make you cry and have you thinking you are in a sad music video. I have been through this same scenario many of nights.

5. Focus on all the amazing things in your life

This is my favourite. Being single doesn’t mean that your life is “less than” other people in relationships. Celebrate and focus on how much amazing things and the amazing people in your life right now. It is so easy for us to get caught up in other people’s lives and how well they are doing that we end up forgetting about the number one person in pour lives….ourselves. So, reflecting and writing down how much brilliant things are happening in your life is enough to make you feel amazing this Valentines Day.


tiff xoxo

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