5 Things To Do When You Lose Momentum…

As l looked at my most recent blog post, it suddenly dawned on me that the last time I posted was more than a month ago. I know… ONE WHOLE MONTH!

During that month, I knew I wasn’t as active as I was before on my blog and to be honest, I couldn’t face the fact of picking up my laptop. Not only did I feel guilty that I wasn’t uploading and writing as I should be, but it also felt as though I had lost some sort of momentum as soon as things started getting a bit hectic.

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But what I learnt from this time apart from blogging is that sometimes you need that space so that you can really think. Think about what your blog stands for, your message, what you wish to give back from having your blog. It allowed me to think about all the above and more.

As a blogger, you constantly need to think about original, fun content to upload to your blog and at times I felt as though I was setting up a tight schedule for myself so that I am constantly on point when uploading content. When I didn’t follow this schedule, it seemed in my head as if it was the end of the world. Trust me, it isn’t!

But what this began to do was dissect the fun out of blogging that I loved in the very beginning. Sometimes I found myself forcing my brain to create and write content that wasn’t really original and something that didn’t really represent what I stood for.

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The most important thing to me was… “as long as I have at least 3 or 4 blog posts uploaded per week”. Well, this doesn’t mean anything at all if your content isn’t up to scratch!

As I sit down in front of my laptop screen with an empty ready salted crisp packet next to me, I realised that this one-month break from blogging was a good thing for me. Brilliant in fact!

I was able to fully deal with other commitments in my personal life and most importantly I was able to think. Sometimes when you are constantly working for hours, every single day as well as being on the go doing other things in your life, you have no time to do one simple thing…and that is think.

Here are 5 ways to gain momentum when you’ve felt like you’ve lost it!


  • Don’t over push yourself
  • You want the very best for yourself and your future, that sometimes you can go a bit overboard without even realising. When you over push yourself, sometimes it makes it easier for you to forget the reason why you are doing what you are doing in the first place. Yes, you have goals that you are working towards and you should make sure that each day you are doing something so that it can become a reality. However, it is also important to realise when you are over working yourself.

              2) Prioritise time out for yourself

    YOU are the most important person in YOUR life, and YOU are the only person in your life that will help make your goals and dreams a reality. Therefore, if you don’t prioritise time for yourself and make sure that you are good, this will affect everything in your life, including your work life, personal/family life and so on.

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            3) Don’t force it

    C’mon guys, let’s be realistic. Not every single will you be on you’re A game. Some days you may jump out of bed with a ton of different ideas and cannot seem to wait to put this down n paper so you can figure out ways to implement them. Other days, you may be the complete opposite. You may find it such a struggle to even spend 30 minutes to concentrate on your passion or your work – and that’s okay. When this happens, we need to go back to step 2 and take some time out for ourselves, even if it is an hour.

          4) Love what you do

    When you love everything about what you do, it makes everything worth-while.

           5) Have fun

    Always make sure you have fun. When you find yourself feeling as though everything is a chore that’s when you may need to step back and look into your situation so that you can establish what is taking that joy out of your passion and what you enjoyed doing in the very beginning. Sometimes it can be the smallest of things, but when we do this, I can guarantee it can make such a huge difference.



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