5 Steps to help you reach your goals quicker.

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GOALS. Without them, we are just simply wandering our way through life not knowing where we would like to be in the next 6 months, 1 year or the next 5 years from now. We set goals because we want to be better than the person we are today. We set goals because we want to do better and experience more amazing things in this world. We also set goals because we want to make an impact and create a life we always dream of having.

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But my question to you is what happens when you fail to achieve the goals you set for yourself. It frustrates you, annoys you, you feel inadequate even. Sometimes we feel like “what’s the point”. You work so hard to achieve your goals and STILL can’t achieve your goals. That’s fine. It is a process, believe it or not. The problem with many of us today is that we feel that once we set a goal, you have to achieve it and if you don’t then you’re a failure.Best Ever Cookie Recipes (2)

The truth of the matter is, sometimes things just don’t go the way we plan and imagine them to be in our heads – no matter how much work we may put in. But where we go wrong ourselves is that we believe that because it didn’t happen the way we wanted it too or within the time frame we wanted it to happen, it will never happen. This is WRONG!

The trick is to keep on going. You may not have achieve your desired goal at the date you set out, but if that is the case, take the time out to find out why. Analyse what went wrong, set another time frame, stay committed, keep learning key skills that will help you achieve your goal.
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Here are 5 ways to help you achieve your goals faster

  1. Write them down

I never knew that writing my goals down can have such a positive impact within you. I always had goals but they were always goals that were in my head. Things I wanted to do and accomplish that I would think about from time to time. These goals were scatty, all over the place and not properly organised – because I didn’t write them down. However, the moment I took control and wrote down everything that I ever imagined my life to be it allowed me to know the steps that I needed to take to accomplish these goals.

       2. Break it down

You have the idea of achieving one big goal. Now what? Without breaking this massive goal down, it becomes so easy for you to get confused about the things you need to do to achieve this. What you need to be doing is breaking your big goal into tiny little bitesize pieces of smaller goals. For example, let’s say you have a goal to loose 20 pounds by the end of the year. You then have to break that up into monthly goals, weekly goals and daily goals that will contribute to the big goal that you set out for the end of the year. By doing this, it becomes much easier for you and it will help you achieve your goals quicker

3. Have a deadline

OK! So, you’ve written down your goals, you’ve broken them down but you haven’t put a deadline. Hmmm…. When setting goals, you need to be as clear and as precise as possible. Write down exactly when you aim to achieve that specific goal. When your deadline is written down, this will make your subconscious mind work harder because you know that there is a goal that is approaching, and you want to hit it. When we complete tasks and goals by or before a deadline it makes us feel good. We have that extra little energy inside us that encourages us to accomplish more of our goals.


      4. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t achieve your goals by your deadline.

This is important. We won’t accomplish our goals EVERY TIME on our specified deadline date that we set out. But what is important is that we keep on working to hit those goals. Keep pushing the dates back until you reach your goal. Analyse your work habits and write down all the things you think may not be working well. Constantly adapt these habits accordingly until you can reach your desired goals.

      5. Learn key skills

We HAVE TO make it a priority to learn key skills and invest time in ourselves that will help us. If we don’t, it will be harder for us to grow the way we want too. By establishing your key area and something you know you are good at, you need be the very best you can be within your chosen field so that you can achieve the goals you set out. Just like there are ways to change and enhance your body through physical exercise – there are also ways that you can enhance your mental brain through mental exercise.


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