20 Things you Should Ask Yourself in Your 20’s!!!

Our 20s! For some of us it is the best time of our lives. We no longer consider ourselves teenager.
We are adults! We can go clubbing, drink alcohol, make decisions on our own (even 20 questions you should ask yourself in your 20'sthough they may be completely rubbish decisions – but we learn from it right?) and for some of us it’s the start of university life.
For many of us, we go through our 20s breezing through life – thinking we kind of have an idea of what we are doing, but, we have no idea. Until, we are 29 and suddenly think “Oh crap, I’m about to be 30 next month”, what have I done other than gone out every weekend for a cheeky cocktail and girls’ night. We should be constantly asking ourselves “what is it I want to do while I am in my 20s”.
Your 20s represent a sense of freedom, fun and a decade filled with fantastic memories that you will remember when you’re old and grey.

Here are 20 questions you should be asking yourselves:

1) What things do I want to achieve before I turn 30?
This is important. Sometimes when we are young and fabulous and have not much responsibilities we tend to not think much about the future. But for some of us, we will turn 30 and think what on earth did I achieve in my 20’s except for going out every weekend. It is just as important to set clear goals on everything you would love to achieve before you turn 30. That way you will turn 30 feeling grateful that you have achieved so much and are ready for the next chapter of your life.
2) What is on my bucket list of things to do?
Create a bucket list and write down all the things you would love to do in your 20’s. Some of the most adventurous things that you would never do in your day to day life.
3) What country would I love to visit and why?
For some of us, travelling has become a massive requirement in our lives. There is anything from party islands where we can rave all night long and get completely drunk without having to worry about anything in the world to going to countries that touch our hearts in ways we never thought would. We now live in a society were us 20-year-old somethings would discuss with their friends about going on a trip today, book it the next day and are flying out a few days after. We are nothing like the generation before. We are adventurous and take risks. We realise that there is a world out there beyond anything we ever imagine. Being able to embrace different countries and cultures is
4) Am I developing as a person?
Well, are you?! I never thought to ask myself this question until I turned 23. I made it a mission to constantly read and develop myself. You cannot live life being stagnant. Everything changes in this world and if you’re not, this is a massive problem. What type of person do you want to be in the next 6 months, a year, 5 years perhaps? In our 20’s we learn that not everything is perfect. There will be imperfections and certain qualities we wish we didn’t have. However, if we are always looking into ourselves and want to develop as time goes on, you will be ready for the next chapter in your life.

5) Am I having fun?
Have fun! Enjoy your 20’s as much as you possibly can! These are your 20’s. I hear most people referring to their 20’s as if it was the best chapter they experience filled with immense amounts of fun. I want you to be able to talk about your 20’s like this. Being able to live the best possible life you can during this decade is AMAZING! We get so caught up in the pressures of life and society that we feel like having fun all the time is slacking off. NO! You are simply creating memories that will be with you for a lifetime.
6) What is my passion and purpose?
What are you passionate about? Sometimes we don’t know what our passions are straight away and that is okay. But overtime, you will and when you identify them it’s important to never put your your passions to one side. Always find a way to build on that passion. It could be something you do in your spare time, you could develop this passion into a career, or you could use this passion to help
other people. Whatever it is, build on it!
7) Which relationship had the most impact on me during my early teens and going in my 20’s?
The people that we had a close relationship with in our 20’s can actually shape the person we are once we go into our 30’s. Whether the relationship was negative or positive – there will be some learning that you have done from this.
8) Am I helping my close ones?
Even though we want positive people in our lives who are constantly helping and uplifting us, we also need to ask if we are doing the same for those who are close around us. Life is about give and take. Inspire those around you, whilst they also inspire you to do great things.
9) What kind of person do I see myself spending my life with?
By the time we get to our mid/late 20’s – we will start to attend the weddings of the friends we grew up with and the thought of marriage and settling down becomes hot topic among our friends. But before rushing into anything, this is a time in your life where, if you are single, it is great to start dating and looking for qualities in that you would love in a partner.
10) Am I being healthy and taking care of my physical and mental body?
I always thought because I am slim I don’t need to do any form of exercising. I was wrong! Your body is your temple and in your 20’s our bodies are at its prime. Being able to feed our bodies with the best foods and keeping fit is important.
11) Do I keep comparing myself to other people?
I just wrote a post on this before and it is one of the most important things when you’re at such a crucial age in your life. when you compare yourself with other people, you will always be competing with someone. Make sure the only person you are competing with is yourself.
12) What and who gives me the most happiness in this world?
If it is not making you happy, remove it from your life – simple! Sometimes we waste our 20’s giving too much energy into things or people that make us unhappy, but we continue to be wrapped up in that life even when we are aware of it.

13) Where do I want to be financially before I turn 30?
Finances is a big one. Have you written down your financial goals and how much you would like to earn in the next year or two. For me, I want to be financially free before I turn 30 – so constantly learning about how to grow my finances and make money work for me is an important topic. So thinking about your finances early on is definitely something you should be doing.
14) Am I saving and investing?
In our 20’s we tend to over indulge. If we want something we buy it – no matter what the cost may be (especially if we are working full time jobs and are still living at home). However, this is a crucial time to start saving and learning about different long-term investment strategies that you can be involved in. Create a budget list and always pay yourself first. The richest man in Babylon is a book that teaches you about the best possible way to handle your finances.
15) What mistakes did my loved ones make that I can learn from and do differently in my life?
Life is about learning. Not only learning from the mistakes you make, but also the mistakes your loved ones made in their life. New generations always have the advantage because we can adapt the positives and avoid anything we think may not be a good idea.
16) Is it time for me to move out?
Moving out for some of us can seem exciting but for the other half of us it can seem like a very daunting thought. But moving out is an experience that will allow us to mature even more. It will take us out of our comfort zone, but this is all apart of growing up. Some people opt to rent and some even go onto save enough to put down a deposit for a mortgage. Whatever it is, it is important to find out what would be best for you and write it down as a goal to accomplish.
17) Have I written down clear precise goals that I want to achieve?
GOALS! Some of us go through life without ever writing down a single goal. When you write your goals down it and look at them everyday you will then be able to subconsciously work even harder to accomplish these goals. Start small. Every small goal achieved overtime will then become a massive goal.
18) Have I thought about the career I want to pursue?
At 4 we were asked the question “what do you want to be when you grow up”. These answers ranged from being Spider-man, an astronaut, a hairdresser, a doctor or one of your toys you used to be complete and utterly engrossed with. But as we get older we start to develop different interests and even then, we are still not clear with who we want to be. When it comes to what career you would like to pursue, take your time and never rush into something you are not 100% sure of. It may be something you have studied or taken a course in and you want to develop this further by doing work experience and experiencing how it will be in the working environment in this particular field. Or, if it is not something you studied, make sure you do your research and also gain valuable experience that will help you in your journey.
19) Am I educating myself about different things?
Self-education is one of the most important things we can ever do in our 20’s. We already think we know it all – so when we start educating ourselves on certain topics, you will realise that you hardly know anything. Ever heard the saying “Knowledge is Power”. This is true. And another thing that you don’t hear is “Action is also Power”. Therefore, it is what you do with your knowledge that truly
20) Am I showing gratitude?
Being grateful and showing gratitude for even the smallest things in your life can do a lot. Many of us are not appreciative of the things we currently have, as we constantly spend our time moaning and wishing that we had something that we never experienced. This then leads to us never being truly happy with the things we have in our lives at this present moment. Remember to always show gratitude each and every day, this will also make you feel a lot happier.


tiff xoxo

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