30 things to stop spending money on…

Ever wondered why you just cannot seem to save money. You try too, you say to yoursef every month “this month will be different”. But is it? NOPE!

Here are 30 ways that will help save money and stop spending on things that you never thought could be possible:

  1. An overload of subscriptions plans

We are all guilty of this one, I am sure of it – even I am. We commit to an array of subscription plans because we feel that we need them so badly. Netflix, Now TV, Spotify, Apple Music, Hulu, you name it we have it. But in reaity do we really need them all. Try and limit the amount of subscriptions you commit too each month. If you have one tv subscription leave it as that and the same goes for music subscription plans too.

  1. Buying lunch

By making food at home and bringing these into work for your lunches each day will actually save you so much money in the long run. I know sometimes you may want to go on a lunch date at your favourite spot with your work mates, but doing this everyday will hurt your pocket! Buying lunch out adds up each day. However when you organise your meals each morning or evening before work then you will be saving a lot of money.

  1. Impulse shopping

Don’t fall victim for this one. Many of us go out with our friends and have the intention of not buying anything, but suddenly feel like we have to get it (even though we don’t need it). Everyone has probably experienced an impulse shop at some point in their lives and as soon as they reach home you suddenly regret splashing out because you remembered the more important things you still have to buy or pay for

  1. Going out for dinner every evening

Not every evening! If you are one of these people who have to go out for dinner or get a takeaway every evening, try and change this. Write down a list of groceries and food items that you can use to prepare meals for the week. If your problem is not having enough time on your hands to cook your meals, there are a lot of different ways you can go about this. One alternative could be preparing some of your meals on a Sunday and putting them in containers and storing them in the fridge. Which means when you come home all you need to do is warm it up in the microwave. Another alternative could be waking up earlier in the morning and cooking your dinner, so when you come in from work all you need to do is…yes pop it in the microwave.

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  1. Look for sale items or deals

Always check for things that you can get at a much cheaper price or deal somewhere else. This may be a way that can save you loads of money.

  1. Expensive mobile phone contracts and plans

Having an expensive mobile phone contract could be another chunk of where your money goes towards each month.

  1. Designer clothes

Not every clothing item you buy has to have a label on it. Learn to cut down on the amount of designer clothes you buy if you are a designer fanatic.

  1. Hard copy books

My last birthday I received a kindle and I have to say that it was one of the best presents I have received. I have always had a love for hard copy books and never really saw much of an interest in having a kindle. There is just something about holding a fresh copy of a book and flicking through those pages. However, once I did recieve the kindle – it was honestly life changing, oh and cheaper, that’s what we are taling about right? I have purchased books that are as low as 99p on a kindle and are £9.99 in the store as a hard copy.

  1. Expensive coffees

For all you coffee lovers, this may be a sensitive one. But spending money on coffees every morning, every lunch time and every time you possibly get the chance can be a big part in not helping you save. Buying a coffee machine and making coffees from home maybe a way to help you save one the £’s.

  1. Pricey make up and cosmetic brands

I know for many women this is something they splash the cash on. I know we all want to look beautiful, but ladies, you don’t have to fork out half of your wages each month on makeup. Always look for alternatives, if there may be a brand that is cheaper and does the exact same thing then go for it.

  1. Travel

Car owners know how touchy this subject can be when you are trying to save money and have a car. What is even worse is when you have a car but Monday-Friday you are using public transport to get too and from work each day because you either work in the city or there is no where for you to park your car where you work. If you take public transport more than you drive then would it possibly make sense to still have a car? Just something to think about! Also, could walking be another option or cycling instead of spending money on fuel or public transport. You could kill two birds with one stone: exercise and save money.

  1. Alcohol

Excessive amounts is not only bad for our bodies and mental health, but it can also be a bad way for us to unnecessary loose money.

  1. Cigarettes

Just like alcohol, spending money on cigarettes is something that people who are smokers spend most of their money on, when in fact this addiction is doing so much that harms their health.

  1. Gym membership

For some people, they have a gym membership but don’t go to the gym at all. So in fact you are losing money on something that you don’t make use of. I was definitely one of these people. If you are someone that regularly works out and goes to the gym then having a gym membership is crucial to you in order to live a healthy lifestyle. However, if you don’t go as regularly as you probably should then maybe it is best to get dvds and workout at home, or when the weather is nice at a park that has an outside gym and so forth

  1. Tech

Staying up to date with the latest tech can also be very draining to your finances. Sometimes you need to learn that you can’t get EVERYTHING that is out there or else you would just be with bombarded with new tech every year that you don’t use because you have the same thing already which is just a year old.

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  1. Expensive holidays

If you are like me and love a good break whenever you can take it then go for it. But, remember that you never want to be in a position where you blow all your months money on a holiday just to come back afterwards and be completely broke because you decided to go all out. Always look for the deals and what bargains are out there. You can get some great holidays where the hotels are 4 and 5* for much cheaper than you may think. Just search and have a look.

  1. Jewellery

Some of us have a thing for nice jewellery. But excessive amounts could also be what is stopping you from saving up a whole heap of money.

  1. TV cable and services

Most of us have a Netflix subscription or/and a Now TV subscription. But why if we already pay for TV services and have freeview that already comes with our TV. Maybe a TV cable service may not be worth it if we constantly watch Netflix and other TV subsriptions that we pay for each month.

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  1. Scratch cards and lottery tickets

Occasionally, some of us may think why not. However, my key word was “occasionally”. Buying scratch cards and lottery tickets every day or a few times a week is a waste of money. Reduce the amount of times you do this if you know you are someone who does this pretty often.

  1. Watch your energy spending

By keeping tabs of your energy bills such as gas and electricity, this will make you more aware of how you are spending in your household.

     21. Clubbing

Going out clubbing requires us to spend money. Our clothes, spending money on drinks while we get there, taxi or transport, and a whole load of other things that mount up. Doing this on most weekends or every weekend is not the way if you want to save more money.

  1. Hairdressers

Learning how to do our own hair or just going to the hairdressers on a special occasion or if you want to treat yourself may be a better option. Once I started learning how to do my own hair it saved me so much money. Before I used to go to the hairdressers because I was lazy and couldn’t be bothered to do my own hair. But when I didn’t have a job, I learnt that it is more cost effective to do my own hair and it is one of the best things.

  1. Nail shop

Ladies, I’m talking to you again on this one. Try and limit the amount of times you go to the shop to get your nails done, because this will add up in finances. See how much you can save if you just done your nails on your own for a bit.

  1. Bottled water

Love bottled water, but recently I bought a Brita filter and this has been so good. I not only save money on buying loads of bottled water but I can also reduce the amount of plastic I use.

  1. Brand new outfit for every occasion

This is so me. My drawers will be filled with clothes but when it is time to go out I have nothing. I know many can relate too. Learn to work with what you already have instead of spending, spending, spending on clothes that you don’t need.

  1. Supermarket deserts

Deserts are my weakness. A good apple crumble and custard will always have my heart after dinner. But something which may be better in terms of saving is learning how to make apple crumble. This goes for any type of desert too. Which one is your favourite and what would you love to make homemade?

  1. Over indulgence on snacks

I’ve learnt to cut down my spending when it comes to snacks. It not only does my face any favours when I break out in spots all the time, but it also has me sending more money than I should be.

  1. Apps

Try and opt for free apps on your mobile phone or device instead of spending money on different apps.

  1. Don’t dismiss supermarket brands

Have you ever gone to the supermarket and opted to pay more for a Heinz baked beans instead of the supermarket brand. I will hold my hands up, this is so me! You assume it won’t taste nice but in fact some of these brands taste exactly same.

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30. Try personal finance apps/softwares

To save money it is important to regular keep track of your finances and spending. By having a personal finance app/software to track your money each month or each week this will help you so much. Sometimes we are so oblivious to what we spend our cash on until we suddenly realise we are down to our last £20. This may be a good way to keep track of everything!


tiff xoxo

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