15 Revealing Things Every 20 Something Year Old Fears.

As teenagers we have so much goals and expectations for ourselves. When we picture life, we see all the things we can do and will do.

But as we live our lives and become older, we become scared of making mistakes, hurting people, scared of doing what we want and what we love. Truth is, we become scared AF!

As humans, we naturally fear the unknown. We want to be able to know exactly what is happening, at what time and when and if it doesn’t go as planned, we feel like a failure. So, we do what we all do best…

Play it safe!

I have found that our 20’s are not for playing it safe. Our 20’s are for living and doing everything we ever dreamed of doing in life.

Here are 15 things every 20 something year old will fear…

#1 – not living your best life

We only have one life, so make sure you ENJOY IT! For most of us, our 20s can be a sense of freedom. So just make sure you have living and constantly creating memories that you can look back on.

#2- not taking risks

Never be too scared to take that risk you cannot stop thinking about. Yes, the feeling may be uncomfortable but that is only because you are scared that this same risk may backfire and not work out exactly how you envision – and to be completely honest, some of the risks we take in life will not work out how we would want. But without these lessons we will never be able to learn from them, be better and grow.

#3 – scared of reaching the BIG 30

Once you hit 21, I’m sure every birthday will probably hit you that you are getting older and older….and older, until you are 29 and you get a big smack in your face that you are about to be 30 the following year. This can be a little daunting, especially if you suddenly get a mini meltdown because you’re thinking number 1. “where on earth did the time go” and number 2 – “what the hell did I do with my life”. The best thing to do in your 20’s is to not be scared about getting older. You will only get better with age!

#4 – of being alone

The best thing to do is to live for you. When you keep constantly thinking about how lonely you are and when you see Instagram pictures of your friends taking coupled pics for the gram #baecation and even though you feel happy for them, you slightly wished that you was also taking pics with “bae” and in a relationship. But if you become obsessed with the thought of being alone, then that will only affect your life for the worse as you will always be comparing yourself to others.

Trust me, the right person will come along at the right time.

#5 – that you will be in your parent’s house for the rest of your life

We have all heard people say to us just how difficult it is for us to get on the property ladder or even get our own place while still in our 20’s, especially if you’re are like me and live in London. However, the most important thing to do is to not be fearful about this. Do everything in your power to prove people wrong, because once you become fearful that you will possibly never move out, then it may take longer than you want.

#6 – you will never have the dream job & career you truly want

If you feel like you are not in a job where you feel valued and truly enjoy what you’re doing, then what is the point. Truth is, when you look back on your life 10 years from now, you want to feel proud and happy about exactly where you are in your career.

#7 – never finding yourself

#8 – disappointing your loved ones

Make sure that you are always living your life for YOU and nobody else. Many of us never want to disappoint those close to us, but sometimes that fear can lead us into doing something that we really do not want to do.

#9 – settling

Never settle – END OF!

#10 – being in debt

Many of us in our 20s our financial illiterate and this may cause us to do some silly things with our money and may also end up in debt. It is also important that you avoid being in crazy amounts of debt not only in your 20’s, but all through life.

#11 – not travelling as much as you dreamed of

For me, I believe that travelling is amazing. You get to experience parts of the world that you would have never dreamed of. If travelling is something you wish to do, instead of talking about it – make it happen. It could be just one country each year that you could visit.

#12 – commitment

This is a big one. I hear so much people around me that say that they fear commitment. Why? Commitment only shows one thing – that you are 100% dedicated to a person, a cause or an activity.

#13 – not making an impact

Trust me, you don’t want to go through most of your life without really making an impact and then suddenly realising that you wished you done certain things in your life. Start now!

#14 – not investing in YOURSELF  

This is a BIG one! Most of us naturally find it so much easier to invest our time, our energy and our money into other things or other people. But when it comes to investing in the one person you are meant to invest in, why do we always find it so hard? Investing in yourself is probably the best thing you could ever do for you. It allows you to grow into different layers of yourself because you are constantly learning new things.

#15 – not having enough money

It is so so so important to educate ourselves especially in our young 20s about finances. If not, we will continue to live our lives just like those who have extremely bad money management. Make it a priority to learn about how you can be financially literate, this can be in the form of books, YouTube videos or seminars.

Even though you may have all these fears that may bombard you brain daily, you need to live your life for you. Go back to be that kid who had no fear whatsoever and lived exactly how they imagined and said exactly how they feel, unapologetically.

Our 20’s are for living, are for being free and being happy. They are for taking risks and not being so concerned about making mistakes because you know these mistakes will only make you a better and stronger person. They are for setting goals and achieving the unthinkable. They are for travelling and exploring the world through your own eyes. And even though there may be hurdles and a few bumps along your journey, you deal with it head on and continue.

That is what your 20’s should be filled with instead of the constant fears and worries.


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