10 signs you are now adulting!

Are you a twenty something but constantly feel like you are still 10? You come home to a nice cooked dinner, you still live at home and you still ask mum to rub your back when you’re feeling unwell. Well, I’m sure there are many who can relate, because this is exactly how I feel. But what is so funny about this is we forget, and underestimate just how grown we are. That’s only until we get treated like children, (on the days when we don’t want to be treated like children) and we must remind our parents that we are grown even though we may not act like it most days.

Here are 10 signs that you are now adulting:

  1. You reminisce on the “younger days”

My school experience would always be one of the highlights of my life. That’s mostly because we realise just how easy it was to be a kid. You wake up, get ready, go to school and have fun with your friends all day, come home watch TV and go to bed. It was AMAZING! As we get older we start to reminisce on the times when life was much easier than the hustle and bustle you are now experiencing.

2. You would rather stay in than go out

You know you are adulting when going out your house just seems like a chore. Thinking of a justifiable excuse to tell your friend so that you can stay in and Netflix binge, or hoping the plans get cancelled just so you don’t have to go in your wardrobe and find something to wear. Yep! That’s it people. As we get older, we seem to value our homes and our beds more. Maybe because we get so wrapped up in work or other commitments that when you do go out all you ever think about is snuggling back up under those warm, cozy sheets.

 3. You have so much BILLS

Let’s face it! The most part of being an adult hugely consists of paying bills. The older you get, the more bills you have to pay. And then we start having flashback moments to the times we were kids and all we ever heard our parents say was “all I ever do is work to pay bills”. YIKES! Even though adulting can see you paying quite a few bills, it is still important to find a way to not only work to just pay bills. You work hard for your money, so you need to enjoy it too.

 4. You have long term goals

When I was young the only goal I knew at that time was when someone would kick a football in the net and that would be a GOOAAL! Everything I did at a young age was for my short-term pleasure. I never even considered, let alone sat down and thought about my long-term goals. But as you grow older and wiser (for some of us), we start to have many long- term goals that we would love to personally achieve for ourselves.

5. You have developed a love for cleaning

When we were younger cleaning was THE main household chore we were required to do. It was boring, it was long, it was taking time away from the more important things we had to do – watch T.V and text our friends. DURHH! But as we get older we start to appreciate a clean space and a clean house. We want to come home from work to a home that is clean and fresh and if it isn’t we designate a day when we are off from work to clean and put some music on while doing so. It can be very therapeutic.

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6. You are saving up to buy your own house.

Saving. When we are young what is that? All we know to do is spend, spend, spend. I mean, we didn’t have to work for it, we either asked our parents or got a lump sum from some sort of student finance loan. But once we get older, we truly understand the meaning and importance of saving, especially if we have plans to move out and own our homes one day. When you value paying yourself every month from your wages, just know that you are maturing -because this was never the case a few years ago.

7. You hardly use your phone

For many of us, our phones are our bread & butter. Our Thelma & Louise. Our Kim & Kanye. Our Tom to our Jerry. But sometimes, we are just way too busy to even use our phones like we used too. I remember being young and always having someone to talk to on the phone for hours upon hours.  Now, I hardly ever remember a time when I sat on the phone talking continuously for more than 30 minutes. As you get older, you become busy with work commitments, responsibilities, day to day tasks that need completing and you just don’t have that sort of energy to be on the phone like how you used to. You’d much prefer to send a text or a WhatsApp message and keep it moving!

8. You don’t spend the whole day in bed

Unless you went out the night before and got completely drunk and need your bed to recover from the drunken night you had) With that aside, you know you’re adulting when you just can’t seem to spend your whole days sleeping in bed until 4pm. This used to be a something I was very good at. Sleeping until afternoon. It was lovely – because I had no worries in the world. But now, you have things to do, so sleeping your whole day away seems to you like a waste of a day.

9. You spend most of your money on food

We all do! When we are young we will prioritise other stuff rather than our necessities mainly because we know that our parents or family members have that covered for us. But as adulting occurs you realise that your bank statement consists mostly of food. Grocery shopping, food for lunch, snacks, grocery shopping again, a cheeky pizza with the girls, snacks, grocery shopping again. I could go on. The things we used to spend our money on when we were younger, doesn’t even cross our minds half of the time now. This is because as we get older, our priorities change and so does what we choose to spend our hard earn cash with.

10. Friends become limited.

The friends you have now are most likely the friends you have for life! When we are young we think that EVERYONE is our friend. It is hard for us to establish the real meaning between a friend and an associate. But as we get older and live through different experiences in our lives, some friends will be there for a season – those are the friends that are there to help you grow and become the person you are today, whether the friendship was good or bad. And the other friends will be your friends for life, the ones you grow through life experiences with. As an adult you appreciate the true friends you share your life with.

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