10 morning habits of highly succesful people

Mornings! Something that many of us hate – simply because you are rudely awoken by that annoying alarm clock sound ringing by your bed side table. We all look at our clock and think we could get an extra “5 minutes”, but do you really want to risk that 5 minutes that could accidentally turn into an hours sleep and your jumping around like a frantic person because now you are late.

Sometimes when we get out of bed to go to work or university/college, it can be so easy to feel lazy and unmotivated. But what many of us do not know is that mornings are in fact the most important time of the day. What we are doing is not utilising this to the best of our advantage. We simply wake up, moan that we are tired, exhausted, only had 6 hours and 25 minutes sleep and think that this will make us have an even better morning.

I was that person. Sometimes, I still am, until I must shake myself and get into gear. Having a great morning can impact your whole day, I know first-hand!

Here are 10 morning habits of successful person that you should also incorporate into our morning routine:

  1. Drink water

No, I don’t mean a diluted blackcurrant juice, or a coffee or tea. WATER! Studies prove that if we drink at least 500ml of water as soon as we wake up it hydrates us, gives you brain fuel, fires up your metabolism and gets rid of any toxins in your body.

        2. Eat breakfast

I remember growing up and my grandad teaching me that breakfast actually meant “BREAK your FAST: BREAK-FAST”, because on average we sleep for about 8 hours a night without intaking any food or drink in our bodies. I was amazed! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it helps us boost energy and hep us stay motivated. Many choose to skip breakfast because they are too busy and get so caught up in their day to day lives that they just don’t have the time. MAKE TIME!

       3. Drink a green smoothie

With a green smoothie you can get all your nutrients and vitamins in one go, whist making you feel energised and healthy.

         4. Exercise

Tackling a morning workout for at least 10 minutes can make you feel rejuvenated and energised. It not only has positive effects on your morning but also your whole day. This is one of the key habits for successful people because it not helps you keep fit but it also enhances discipline and consistency. Highly successful people believe it all starts with inside and if you train your body and mind to be the best version it can be, this will reflect on your outer.

       5. Get inspired

The most successful people in this world spend most of their time reading or listening to motivational audio. By doing this first thing when you wake up can help shape our mindset for the day. Not everyday will we feel like we are on top of the world and we can do absolutely anything. There may be some days where we feel like absolute shhhh (if you know what I mean), but just creating a positive environment for yourself to get you through the day as best as you can will always work

      6. Write down your daily goals

This was one of the first habits I adopted for myself when starting this journey and till this day I still do this. Writing down your daily goals helps you become consistent so you can reach your long-term goals. Many of us go through our morning with an idea of what we need to do for the day and some of us have not one clue we just simply roll with it, while leaning on the side of our office table with a cup of coffee at hand, trying our best to stay awake. However, once you get in the habit of writing down your goals every morning, or before you go to sleep – your subconscious mind will work harder so you can get those goals accomplished for the day

         7. Write down 3 things you are grateful for

Expressing gratitude each day is something that will create positivity first thing in the morning. As a society there are so many things we want in life, but we never truly appreciate the things that we have in our lives now. Once we become grateful for the things that we do have in our lives, other things that we want will start to manifest itself. Start writing down just 3 things each morning that you are grateful for, whether small or big (doesn’t matter the size), but this could positively influence your day ahead.

             8. Meditate

Have you ever tried to namaste your morning? Its great! When you meditate, you are able to practise mindfulness which is a key habit for successful people. You become calmer, at ease and it can lower your stress levels. I also found that when you meditate you are able to approach certain situations with better clarity and focus. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

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        9. Listen to music

Music always puts us in a good mood. So, what if we listened to a bit of music to start our mornings off. Whether it be something mellow and calming like jazz or it could be something that makes you want to jump in front of the mirror and get down with some good old moves, music is something that can get our mood and spirits up.

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          10. Don’t touch your phone

And any other technological device for that matter. Although, it has many advantages, it can take away from many beneficial tasks (which I stated above) that could have a greater impact on our lives. For many, the first thing we do when we wake up is pick up our phones to check emails, go on social media or simply just browse. Sometimes gong on a digital detox may be a way to help you find focus, reconnect with you goals find focus and most importantly live in the present.


tiff xoxo

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